Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Basketball. Henry County. Baby Bandit #42.

Well, well, well...

The College basketball season is finally over.

Go Tarheels! Go UConn Ladies!!


I am REALLY looking forward to the NBA playoffs. (Go ATL Hawks!)

Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to attend any Atlanta Hawks games.

But I did attend some little league basketball games:

Down in Henry County, a county about 25 minutes south of downtown Atlanta.

First things first:

I don't like Henry County. AT ALL.

My Internist relocated down there a few years ago. I raised an eyebrow when she told me of it during an examination. She was trying to guage how her patients felt about the drive.

I only shrugged. But I know she could see in my eyes that I just don't like Henry County.


Because of this:

You can't make that out?

Look a little closer.

The Confederate Flag.

Yeah, let's just say the rednecks white people down there tend to be proud of there "good southern heritage".

And they even have fake deer in the yard in the picture above. They must like to hunt or something. It says to me "I will shoot you, you nigra, if you come in my yard! Oh I wish I was in Dixxxxiiiiieee!!"

Let's just say, I refuse to make doctor's appointments on Mondays because that's when those proud people ALL decide to leave their trailer parks and get together and go to the doctor. (You will not BELIEVE some of the stuff I've seen and heard in the doctor's office from a people so proud of their heritage. UGH).

But, I have braved the Henry county madness because of my good friend, the Green-Eyed Bandit, who lives there. I attend my Financial Freedom Fighters (Triple F Possee) meetings at her house every month.

And I attended her son "Baby Bandit" Ced's basketball games at the local rec center.

I don't care to attend children's games. Let's just say, I've had my fill of hauling my brother around to little league games. (Our Ma didn't care to deal with this craziness). I have shivered in the cold on many a park bleacher.

But I attended Ced's games. He looks at me with the puppy dog eyes ("You have to come, Miss LadyLee!"), and well, I can't help make the 45 minute drive DEEP into Henry county to attend his games whenever time permitted.

I was way deeper into Henry County than I cared to be. Those flag pictures above? That house is right across the street from the rec center.

But anyway, Ced's team didn't make it to the state playoffs. His team came in second place.

Baby Bandit was MAD. The boy was HOT behind that.

He wouldn't even take a picture for me.

Baby Bandit: "Turn around so Lee can take your picture".
Lee: "Uh n'awl... Leave the boy alone. He mad."

He was HOT. I got a picture of him when he turned around a little, to listen to the "woo, woo, woos" of his Mama.

I would've been pissed off too. They wouldn't throw the boy the ball when he was open. He was playing some SERIOUS defense, and was at the free throw line a lot.

And he got a second place trophy. I told Green Eyed Bandit to hold it up to his back so I can get a picture of it.

I was very proud of him. He did a good job, hustled hard. Even though it was second place, that was a good thing. He should be proud of his accomplishment.

I thought he would be sad FOREVER, but he wasn't. I saw him a couple of weekends ago, standing in his kitchen washing dishes, laughing and joking as usual...

Back to normal.

You'll have more successes, #42!!

You surely will!

And I will be there to support you, any which way I can! I like to see young peoples doing positive thangs!

(And I will be snapping plenty more pictures. Uh, I can sell those when you make it into the NBA!)



  1. That flag is something I see almost everyday in VA. It shocked me when I first moved here but I'm used to it now.

  2. Anonymous3:01:00 PM

    I'm from Arkansas. I've been looking at that flag since I was born.

  3. Yeah -- I'm with you on the Henry County...Paulding County, Cobb County, Rockdale County...Gwinnett County...anything outside of a 25 mile radius of downtown Atlanta... and you'll see the cracker flag perched high somewhere out front. We counted them one time in route to my brother-in-laws each his own!

  4. I'm glad I live in the North. I don't see that flag too much. A few people ride around in their trucks with that flag , but it's mostly in the suburbs...Not in the inner city where I live.

    One day soon, that flag and all it stands for is going to come down.

  5. They used to have a few flags flying down herein Nawlins but when the brothas here started shooting them up...they took them down.


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