Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Semi-Wordless Wednesday...

I have been getting emails about posting something.

Ya'll negroes SHUT IT UP!!

I've been a little busy. We got visitors in the lab from Southern Black Gals beloved state of Arkansas!
(Southern Gal, keep your peeps over in your state from now on. Much obliged, hon).

So, we will return to our regularly scheduled broadcast on Thursday.

So for now, I entertainest you with a few pictures of my good friend and workplace cubicle mate The Cowgirl Cre in action!

Why do we call her The Cowgirl Cre? It's because she owns a horse!

Felix better known as "Kemistry"

Hen-Dog and I were looking at her like she'd been smoking crack when she said she named her horse "Chemistry".

Yes, we are all nerds, but COME ON, NOW. Naming your horse frickin' chemistry? Girl STOP!!

She corrected us. He is named after her deceased sister Kem. So we understood. That should be his name, and rightfully so.

Anyhow, Cowgirl Cre and Felix are a feature at some of the local equestrian shows...

Here are a few pics:

Go Cowgirl!!

Go Cowgirl...

*Lee doing the hard wop*

Go, Go, Go, Go... Go Cowgirl Cre!!

This horse passion of hers has ALWAYS fascinated me. She loves the sport so much.

Me, I've sat on her previous horse, the Macho Man, only once.

That was enough for me.If I go to the stables for a visit, I bring a bag of apples and feed the horsies. That is IT.

This Oldgirl would rather drive a car, ride a bike... or simply walk.

I don't know how they used horses for transportation back in the old days!

Cowgirl Cre! I ain't mad at you homie!Do your thang, gal!!!

I'll just, uh-rah, sit over here and crochet or something.



  1. Her horse is beautiful! Glad I'm not the only one wanting to know what's up with the lack of posting up in the House of Ladylee LOL!!!

  2. Black girl riding a horse! U don't see that too often!

    Beautiful horse by the way! I love horses!

  3. Anonymous11:03:00 AM

    I ain't mad at Cowgirl Cre either but I'll be sitting next to you Lee.

    Leave my peeps alone. Have they done the Hog Call yet for you guys? lol

  4. Cowgirl Cre11:24:00 AM

    Ladylee, you know we are going to have you writing a book or article or something about us while we ride!! If I fall off when you come out just make sure I am okay and help me back up. I still think it is cool that Cowgirl Cre from the hood is flying over jumps and being competitive. That's whats up!!! Oh yeah LL Felix is NOT for the umteenth time going to be in the Kentucky Derby!!! :)

  5. This is the coolest thing ever. I'd love to take riding lessons.

  6. That's what's up! I love horses, man. I was too crushed when a trip to go riding was cancelled, not once but twice last year! Tell her to keep doing her thing!

    Hey Leeeeeee!

  7. CowgirlCre2:40:00 PM

    Thanks For the Atta Girls!!! But this is something that anyone can try. You can go or take your kids for a ride or lesson for $25 - $50 per hour. I will look for more diversity at the shows even if it is in the stands via my Cuz Chris, Ant, and Ladylee. Exposure is everything especially with our kids.

  8. @Cowgirl Cre...Chick, I'ma need you not to come on here selling riding lessons!!

    And we need to STILL put Felix in some races. A million dollar race aint' necessary. A 500 dollar race will do JUST fine!!


    @That Southern Black Girl...Please come get your Arkansas fam. We don't want them here in the lab no more!!


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