Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Freestyles

Awwwwww yes...


*lee thinking hard if it's payday too*

Nope, not Payday.

Oh well. It's FRIDAY! Good enough.

This has been a strange week. A bit monotone. And you know, I'm uber-cool with that.

But something FANTASTIC happened yesterday.

My Director approved my time off: February 7th, my birthday through March 4th.

Come on now... celebrate with me. Grab your Obama Church fans and holler


Man! That chick was taking her SWEET time. We have a big worktime changeover on February 1st, where everyone is suppose to work 5 days a week/8 hours days. I do this anyway, as my Doctor said she much rather me not work 10 hour days. But everybody at work is up in arms about it all. The Oppressor is causing trouble as usual.

I don't care! I just wanted my whole month off. That is ALL!!

And an Oldgirl got it!

I thought I was going to have to pull my trump card. My Doctor has said "Let me know when you need time off. We'll fax a letter.

I was around there threatening to be gone for two months. Don't think I can't do it. Call my Doc and work it out!

But alas, A MONTH OFF! I have that 8 day cruise coming up. I got a mini birthday vacay coming up. Trying to throw one more mini vacation up in there somewhere. There's lots of stuff to do around the house.

Announcement of the Week. So in other news... The Great Tayari Jones is gearing up to release her next book, Silver Sparrow in May of this year.

*running in circles hollering Hooooorrraaaay!!!!!*

If you've read my blog long enough, you know that I stalk the cheese outta Tayari. She's my writing idol. Ohhhhhhh, I worship at her feet! I worship the grounds she spits upon. There are, like, at least 20 Tayari posts/shrines tacked up on the walls of the House of LadyLee. I'm her number one fan! her number one Stalker Stan!

It is her personal mission to nurture the writer in me . (I believe this in my head, you see). I love being able to call her up with a writing question and she explains everything where I can understand it (Yes, I like to argue. She shuts all of that down. She knows better than me about this writing craft thing. I've learned to listen to her advice). But I've learned a TON about writing craft from her. A TON. I owe her a lot of money for her time! Thanks, Tayari!!

I don't jock that many folk, because folk just ain't worth jocking. But Tayari Jones is at the top of my "people to jock" list!

So, needless to say, I'm glad this book is coming out! I was one of the Team T reader squad for an earlier draft of the manuscript, and WOW. What an experience. I think I gave her about 30 pages of notes after reading. And we actually had discussions about it. It all helped me in that I think I can effectively edit my own work with an open mind now.

It feels funny stalking her... we talk on the phone like we some kin or something. You can't stalk and jock kinfolk, can you? LOL

Anyway, she's having a book giveaway. Advanced copies. All you have to do is leave a comment on her post, Do You Want a Copy of My New Novel? She will have a video drawing on her blog on February 1st.

I was yacking on the phone with her yesterday morning, and I hollered, "Honey, if you pull MY name, cast it to the side. I wanna walk in the store and pay for my book. I wanna slap my money on the counter!" She said that if she pulled my name, I could give the book away on my blog. So I thought that was cool. And that's what I will do.

But don't count on me winning! Click on the link above, and comment!! She's giving away 3 copies. Right now, you're looking at a 3% chance of winning, and that may go down fast. But get in on it.

Video of the Week. I talked about Meshell Ndegeocello this week. I wanna hear some more of her!

Here's concert footage of one of my favorite songs by her... "Outside Your Door" from 1993's Plantation Lullabies CD.

Yeah, you've heard that melody before. Brian McKnight jacked it. That ain't cool, Brian! I believe Meshell won that legal battle. Jacking someone's beat is not cute!

So, I want you all to enjoy your weekend. I'm waiting for this doggone Financial Fast to lift so I can take my tail SHOPPING for my vacation! Doggonit!! I have thangs to do! I have a Financial Freedom Fighters meeting this Sunday, so we will see how that goes. I haven't been participating much in our online activities, so I may get beat down for that. It's okay.

If you're expecting cookies in the mail from me, well, I'm baking this weekend. My goal is to get those out on Monday or Tuesday. I will let you know when they are coming! You may hear from me if I can't find your address. I have most of them, just have to double check.

You have a great weekend.

As always, ON PURPOSE!


  1. *Doing the happy* Glad you got your vacation. Wow, a whole month.

    Ha! Ha! I can imagine the uproar over not having 3 days off or whatever other alternate schedules they may have been working. They forced the 10 hour day schedule on us. I love the 3 days off, but I am exhausted at the end of my work day.

    Oh! Lee is baking. I did a pretty good job & only ate 2 cookies a day to stretch the yumminess over a few days. My son discovered them & poof they were gone. LOL

  2. Yaaay for the I use that Dr.'s excuse... (help a sistah out! :).

    Remind us (me) when Tayari's book is released (hopefully it is on Kindle) --I'd like to buy it as well. Gotta support my Black writers...

  3. Wow! A month off! Good for you. I know you'll enjoy every second of it ... on purpose.

  4. YES!!! I am so happy that you got your month off!! *doing a dance for you*

    Please remind us when the book is released. I am going to suggest it for the twitterfied book club I'm in.

    "It's cookie time, it's cookie time, It's cookie Tiiiiiyyyiiiiime!" a la Troop Beverly Hills.

  5. Yes it is payday Friday for me!! *glory* #makesitrain #Oww LOL. Have a great wkend Lee!

  6. Ms. Me'Shell, Ms. Me'Shell....I posted that clip a few weeks ago. LOVE her and LOVE that clip!

    She can sing her ABC's and I would love it, LOL! But her best stuff comes from soundtracks :-)

  7. Mam.. I'm so happy for you and your month long vacay.. Uh, Tayari's hair is gorgeous.. DROOLS! Makes me want to wash mine and start all over for the weekend. Damn! And if you win that book and you don't want to read it, if you don't give ME the book I promise Il'l drive to ATL and stomp all over you and the cat!

  8. yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!! doing the happy dance for you!!! enjoy yourself because you totally deserve it! can't wait to hear what all you do on your month long vacay...i'm sure you will cram in lots of fun, writing and other productive and non so productive things! lol..

    Have a great weekend!

  9. *forgetting everything in the post*

    Wait, wait, WAIT... we can get cookies mailed?!?!?!?!?!?!


  11. chocolate chip or oatmeal with cranberry. please. and thank you.


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