Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day, Part 3!!!!


Ya'll just don't understand!!!

When I called my workplace hotline last night, and learned that I'll have yet ANOTHER PAID DAY off from work...

Man... It make me feel like


It got a lot of power...

It make me feel like...

It make me feel like...


*ladylee kicking the old school Michael Jackson moves and busting up the living room furniture in the process*


Yes, your Friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl is feeling quite Original right about now!!

Nothing like an impromptu Staycation to get the year started off RIGHT!!!


Well, it's been a good three days. I imagine they will have us reporting tomorrow at noon. Which is fine. I'll be going in.

I have to turn in my timesheet so I can get paid.

Might just do turn that in, get back in my car and go back home!!!

That would be CLASSIC!

And then take the rest of the week off. Yeah.

Nope, I'm not doing that. We have the King holiday coming up, which is a federal holiday, and I'm still on a campaign to take a whole month off for my birthday!

One of the best things I've been able to do while off is to WRITE. And I mean WRITE until my heart's content. WRITE until I drift off to sleep.


It's equivalent to me sitting around here and smoking up a bag of weed to pass the time!! LOL

So yestersay, my word count was 2761.

Add that to Monday's word count of 2113, and I have a grand two day total of:

4874 words

Wooosaaaah!! That's a lot of words.

"It makes me shiver," LadyLee whispered. "Shiver, shiver!"

Oh, that just gives me joy. I'm barely able to eek out a good 500-600 words on a day when I've worked long and hard, and I'm all tired. If I can write a couple thousand good words today, I'll be golden.

*lee's eyes glazing over*

I just really like to write, ya'll. And this little forced Staycation is priceless.

Alright, alright, I'll stop yakking about that.

This wonderful Staycation afforded some lovely pictures.

Here are a few I took on Monday, after the snow had fallen the night before.

My driveway... I can't even see it. My garage is in the back of the house.

Honey chile, if I tried to move my car, I'd bust a big azz whole in that fence!

And as you can see, there are footprints. A crackhead must've jumped the fence and walked around my house. Better be glad I didn't catch him. Too cold to be going off on jokers!

Front of my house:

I'm surprised the bushes are relatively snow free. Interesting.

A shot of the street from my yard:

Man! You can hardly see the street!

A shot of the street from my yard, in the other direction.

I'm not sure what was up with my neighbors. They moved that white car a few times. Somebody must've had to go to work, and didn't want to get stuck off in that driveway.

A shot of my house, from the street.
It doesn't look to bad. I don't know why it looks like a simple light dusting of snow on the house, yet the ground is completely covered.

A shot of the street... me standing in the street.

As you can see, some brave souls were walking up the street early in the mernting. Not your girl. Not me! I'm sure they bust their behinds a couple of times trying to make it up that street. A couple of cars tried to make itup that hill and it didn't work out for them!

A shot of the street in the other direction.

Once you make it up over that hill, you're going DOWNHILL. Slide, slide, slide!

Another shot of the street.

My driveway again. Thank goodness I didn't have to go anywhere. That whole fence would be knocked over.

So much for the plant at the foot of the steps...

I measured my snowfall by measuring what had fallen on the bricks of my steps. 3 to 4 inches! That's a lot for the ATL!

My porch steps. Almost bust my tail trying to come down those steps!

Half of my front porch is uncovered. This makes it interesting when it snows.

I usually grab Oscar Tyrone and throw him out there on the porch. He was wise to the game this time. He went off somewhere and hid where I couldn't find him.

So those are my SNOW STAYCATION 2011 pictures.

I'm still joyful and full of GLEE!!!!

*backflips, cartwheels and splits*

I don't know WHAT ya'll gonna do with me if I get a 4th day off. LOL!!!!


  1. Sooooo my questions is WHAT ARE YOU WRITING!!?!?!??!?! LOL

    I'm over the snow and kids have worked my LAST nerve lol.

  2. You are not getting another day off. Take yoru azz to work!

  3. Why can I "hear" you reading this post in my head. LMAO!! Umm yea I agree w/ Adrienne! Whatcha writing Leezy? *checks inbox for surprises* LOL.

    Today is a snow day by default for me. Ry's school is open. Dony's is not. Mind you, when you get out of our subdivision onto main roads...the roads are fine...O_0 The good thing is, I've got sooooo much accomplished on this day off from work, so it must have been meant.

  4. Y'all got a good bit of snow. I'm with Adrienne...whatcha' writing?

  5. I hope you get the whole week... And um, er... PUT SOME SALT ON THEM THERE STEPS!!!

  6. You bet not do Oscar Tyrone like that!

  7. @Adrienne... Chapter 39 of Watch! I know you're waitnng on that. Yall read too doggone fast.

    @Serenity... Hush up gal.. We have to report tomorrow. I may take the day off.

    @Mzinspiredmind... That "heaaring me read my blog" has a certain creepiness factor to it. Cut that out. Read in your own voice please. lol

    Still working on Chapter 39. Getting a littl antsy because with chapter 40 I will be finished!! Glory!

    @Ali... yeah, a bit of snow! It's this ice that's a problem, hon!

    I'm writing a story that Adrienne and Mzinspiredmind are the current readers on. They keep feening for it, which I find hilarious! lol

    @Brown blogger... Bruh. You know I don't understand salt on steps. That snow better melt. How bout that?!

    @Southern Black Gal... Oscar should be able to get on a sled and work it out, right!? RightT


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