Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adventures at the White People's Kroger, Part I

You all know how much I LOVE the White People's Kroger.

It's the Kroger they build in the regentrified hood, when all the White People move back intown. And it's better than the regular Kroger, you see. It has to look like the Kroger on the North side of town.

It even has it's own wine steward! *ladylee raises an eyebrow*

(But they play a lot of Jodeci and Luther Vandross. I have not heard not one Britney Spears or Barry Manilow song. *crickets* I haven't quite figured that one out yet).

My Pharmacy is located there. They get a kick out of me.

"I don't want all my meds today. Gimme $20 worth!"
Pharm Tech looks at me all crazy.
"I gots the money, man! I just don't wanna pay $70 bucks. That's like paying a bill or something. Gimme $20 dollars worth!"


And I like to wander around, peruse the interesting new things there. They are constantly changing. Gotta keep the intown white folks content you see.

So imagine my surprise when I saw the chitterlings there.

On sale for $7.99.

I learned that white folks eat chittlins when I was attending grad school. My friend says his family batters and fries them in hot grease. Hmmm... Never had them like that before!

But I am tripping on the price. Last time I even perused the chitterling section, they were $4.99 a pound. What's up with the price hike?

Anyway, Chele? Ginae? Lisa B.?

One of ya'll older chickens who know how to properly clean chittlins!?

Stop by the White People's Krogers and pick up a couple of red buckets and come on by the house and sit them over in my laundry sink to thaw! And don't get the container with the spilled blood on it. NASTY. Get INTACT buckets please. INTACT and clean. Please. Much Obliged.

You won't be using my kitchen sink. Ya'll not cleaning chittlins where I wash dishes. Laundry sink is just fine. Milk and Cookies, my brother, used it once to hold his shark.

I reckon it will work just fine for chittlin' cleaning. Ya'll work that out!

Only 5 days 'til Christmas! Better get on it!

But that's not the strangest thing I saw at the White people's Kroger...

Stay tuned for Part II.


  1. me thinks there must be a sista or brother in charge of the music selection aka customer service portion of the store or something!

    now about them chitlins...can't get me to go near them things...never have never will...they are just so ewwwwww....lol

    but I'd be more than glad to come over with some edible vittles...yes ma'am I sure will...me and Ladylee gonna have a partay!

  2. Yeah, my chitlin cleaning days are over.

    Hmm! What did I miss at the WPK? I can't wait to read part 2.

  3. My family LOVES chittlins...My dad is bringing them to Christmas dinner which is at my house. All I have to say about that is #puke. That smell is terrible, god awful. My cousin puts butter and hot sauce on them #doublepuke.

    I LOVE our white people Kroger (aka Kroger Marketplace). I'm a snob b/c I won't grocery shop anywhere but a Kroger Marketplace now. LOL

  4. Anonymous9:33:00 AM


    I gotta buy chittlins today! Momma called last nite and told me they are on sale. We get the kind that are pre-cleaned. But Momma still cleans them AGAIN. She funny like that. LOL

    oh btw, the price hike is due to the holiday season. Country folks eat chittlins as part of new years dinner with black eyed peas, candied yams, and collard greens. Suppose to bring good luck for the new year.


  5. I haven't had a chitlin in ages! I do remember when the prices went up ... when white folks started eating them! I loooooooved them as a kid, but you couldn't pay me now to touch them.


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