Monday, December 05, 2011

So Long, Sir. Good-bye.


Herman Cain has left the building.

That is, he has "Suspended" his campaign for President.

Did ya'll get all of your banners and t-shirts?

You get your commemorative napkins and plates, bumper stickers and flags?

(Was there ever any of that?)

I would've liked something with the campaign slogan on it.

Because it is all over now.

You know me. I don't do what others do: sit up and criticize and joke about things like this.

Life changing things like this.

Reminders like this.

It is a STARK reminder that I, LadyLee, don't need to run for president.

I don't need to run for president of the USA. I don't need to run for president of the PTA. Nothing.

I ain't perfect like most people I know.

Perfect people: they lay in wait... and watch for any high profile person to go through something, to be caught in the middle of something, for secret lives to be exposed. So they can make jokes and jive about it.

I don't knock those people. I think we have been trained in that mentality. Entertainment and Gossip shows have been on the TV since I can remember, maybe before I was even born.

I am trained in leaning in and tuning in to hear about the sensational. It makes my heart rush. I gasp at the juicy revelation.

It makes me feel better about the monotony of my own life, you see...

Or it takes my mind off of the issues of my life that I haven't had the courage to resolve.

When these things happen, I see them. I am O_o and O_O just like the next person.
But I am a little different.

I immediately ponder my own life, these 40-something years I've been in existence.

I, LadyLee, can PROMISE you... I will NEVER run for political office, much less President of these United States of America.

And I also think of something else: skeletons.

We all have skeletons in our closet.

Well let me speak for myself, since I don't know all 7 billion people on this planet.

I have skeletons in my closet. And my closet is small. Yet, the skeletons are crowded up in there, with their sharp pointy elbows, pointy knees all making each other uncomfortable. And here I come, opening the closet door and throwing another skeleton in there...

And another one.

*lee looking around to make sure no one is watching when she opens the closet door*

And another one....

They, these tightly packed skeletons, are always waiting for their chance to bust out of their confined space, and run out the house... and run straight out into the street into oncoming traffic.

You can imagine the chaos and confusion that causes.

That is what happens when the light is shined on one's life.

I don't want the light shined on my life like that. Hence, my uh, repulsion to running for any type of office.

I can see myself walking past the TV and seeing a dude I was messing with some 20 years ago on TV talking about our shenanigans.

Got an Oldgirl hollering "What rock did THAT ninja come out from under!?!?!"


I want the courage and due-diligence and maturity it takes to voluntarily shine the light on my own problems and dark areas and make the appropriate corrections, instead of doing it when I get caught.

And now, Mr. Cain, your business is in the streets. The same people laughing at you have probably done the same... or much worse.

But we will never know, will we?


It was a great run. The prospect of having 2 black men run against each other to lead our great country... uh, I never thought I would see such a thing.

So, so long, Sir. Good-bye.

This politcal game is what it is: a game. And if you are a threat, they coming after you. Heck, if you aren't a threat, they coming after you.

It is how the game is played. Political or otherwise.

This post was approved by Your Friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl LadyLee.

You have a great week... on purpose.


  1. Anonymous3:52:00 PM

    Yes, ITA!


  2. I talked with A about this last night. I was a little irritated with people in my timeline posting articles about what a certain preacher in ATL is doing. I'm as nosey as most folks, but at a certain point, I no longer want to watch the carnage associated with that traffic accident. I don't any glee in other people's suffering... those other people being a wife, some parents, parishioners, etc...

    Cain falls into the same box with me. I have enough to distract me.

  3. I'm not into all the kicking folks while they are down. Just pray for em and keep it movin!

  4. I saw someone with a Cain 2012 bumper sticker last week. It gave me pause.

    Anyway, I'm not about kicking anyone either, but come on, if you have that many skeletons don't you think he would have had enough sense to sit down somewhere?

  5. @Chele... I think the sense to sit down doesn't outweigh the possibility of having THAT much power in your hands. That is worth it to take the chance for some people. NOT THIS OLDGIRL.

    i think the thought process is "If I have been getting away with things in the dark... Maybe, just maybe, I can continue to get away with things when I am being examined under a microscope."

    And we see this ALL the time. 4 or 5 politician/leader/pastor stories per year. I submit we can multiply that by 10 if we want the true picture. Many things never come out.


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