Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adventures at the White People's Kroger, Part II

So, as you saw in part I of my Kroger's adventure, I like to peruse the store, looking for new and interesting things...

And I was walking down a particulary ethnically inclined aisle, where they have things sectioned off by asian and mexican. But here, and the WP Krogers, they have a Jamican section, a Morrocan section, a Kosher section, etc...

They also have a british section.

And I saw a can of something on the shelf...

Look closely at that picture. YOU KNOW what I saw. I ain't printing it, since this is a rated PG blog.

YOU see what I'm talking about... The can of spotted...


That was in the British section. For the brits.

Where is my girl Mzinspiredmind? She's a quadroon chicken. Some of her relatives are from over there around that ways.

Hey girl, why you didn't tell me about the Spotted D??


I looked to my left, looked to my right... picked the can of spotted D, shook it around.

And quickly put it back.

I didn't want anyone seeing me with my hands on the spotted D. Nerp.

I looked it up when I got home. It is a type of steamed pudding made with suet (beef lard). And it has fruit in it. And you eat it with custard.

I found MANY videos on Youtube. Apparently it is very popular over in Britain.

Yeah, uh... I like making new things, but I will NOT be making that.

Plus, I don't have any custard to go with it. Nope. And I ain't buying any.

Oh the wonderful things I see when I peruse the aisles of the White People's Kroger!

Yo, Mzinspiredmind... Hon, you and yo Mama...

Ya'll make it, tell me how it is!


  1. Ohh, I have to find a WPK here. LOL!
    It could be entertaining.

  2. Lions, and tigers and WPK! Oh my!

  3. Ma'am!!!!!!!!!! LMAOOOOOOO

  4. crack me up. Everything you said about WPK is so true. Go to the one in South Dekalb, it looks worse than Piggly Wiggly.


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