Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Freestyles: The Eve before Christmas Eve

Happy Friday!

The Eve before Christmas Eve.

I have had a pretty decent day thus far. First of all, I am HAPPY to be OFF from work. That in itself make it great day.

I woke up this morning pondering whether to go to Friday Morning bible study. This shouldn't really be an option for me, since I LOVE morning bible studies. But you know how it is when it is cold outside and you gotta deal with all that, etc. Uh, not a good look. But I got up and got dressed and got on out of here. I am glad that I did. Heard an interesting message on grace from one of the lady ministers. Good stuff!

Yet, on the way there, I ran into the Mayor of my 'Hood, Snake.

Hustling Pecans on the corner.

He asked if I wanted a bag. They were 2 for $5.

I told him I didn't have a nutcracker.

He said I should bring my car down to the I shine you shine car wash.

Now, he drove past my house in a Mercedes the other day. They have a pick up/drop off service. But that's cool for the luxury cars. I have a zoom zoom. You won't be picking up my car, sir.

I can just hear him now.

"Uh, LadyLee, it looks as if we have misplaced your car."

Uh no. I will take it down there and WATCH them wash it. That is as good as it gets!


I told him I would catch up to him this weekend. Maybe get a bag of pecans for my Grandma. She likes to crack them. That is just too much going on for me. White People's Kroger got plenty shelled pecans, and they will do just fine.

I will spend the rest of my day cleaning up and cooking. I have some beans that need snapping. I want to make some black eye peas and cabbage.

Gooooood eating, man! Good eating.

Still waiting for Chele, or Lisa b., or Ginae or Remnants to get over here with the chitlins... so they can start cleaning them.

And Christmas is coming... time is winding down!

You all better get on those red bucket chittlin' cleaning duties at your house too!


  1. LOL! *sideye* regarding them chitlins I just can' um what else you want? I got ya...but them there chitlins ain't really want them little piglet intestines too don't you? lol..but um..what time them black eyed peas and cabbage gonna be done? yum yum...

  2. Ha! ha! Remnants ain't cleaning no chitlins!

    But I'll send my tupperware for some gumbo. :-)

  3. I read about your friend's family batter and fried chittlins?!? Um...okay. Interesting. I remember the day I first saw them at the grocery store and they were labeled 'chitterlings' and I realized how lazy folk can get with the English language! ROFL!

    But I agree...what time is the gumbo ready? I'll bring some rice! Ha!

  4. ...can't do chitlins!

    I can however wish you the Merriest Christmas ever!

    Merry Christmas Sister-friend! ((HUGS))

  5. ROFLOL!!!!
    I want to meet Snake lol


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