Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Judge Shows and Oscar-Tyrone

There is one thing that I TRULY love about the holidays:

I get to lay out on the sofa and and veg out...

I do unproductive stuff like watch mindless shows on daytime television.

Like Maury Povich.

(I can only take so much of that. If I have to hear "You are NOT the father!" one more time, I'm going to throw my television through the window.)

No, I like the Juuuuudddddge Shows!

Maybe 6 months ago, when I attended a Friday morning bible study, one of our assistant ministers, Minister Betty, said "Ya'll need to come on to church on Friday morning. All ya'll doing is watching the Judge shows. You can come on in to bible study instead of watching the Juuuuuddddge shows."

I hear ya, Minister Betty. But uh, church campus was closed on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

So me and my sister hung out and watched the Juuuddddge shows.

We watched some Judge Alex...

Some Peoples Court!

(Not sure what was happening here. Maybe a fade out to commercial).

But we were still watching the Juuuuuddddggge shows!

Me and Kentucky watched some of that Judge Joe Brown.

I think we might have caught an episode of the Judge Judy too.

Ain't nothing like a good Judge show.

But it never ceases to fail... when I lay out on the sofa, Oscar-Tyrone creeps up on me. Usually it is when I'm asleep. And it is when i am coming out of my sleep, and I have a strange strange feeling that someone... no something is watching me.

It's Oscar-Tyrone. The Original Oldcat.

He has that look in his eye. And he is thinking, "I am waiting, Oldgirl, for you to rub me. I need attention."

Then if I don't acknowledge him, he seems to move in a little closer.

I may or may not rub him. I most likely will turn over and go back to sleep. Or I'll get up and go do something else.

My sister was sitting in the easy chair. He had been bothering her, but I suppose he got bored with her... and decided to stare at me.

And when I continue to lay there... and watch my Juudddddge shows.

He will... Reach out and Touch.


Not sure what that's about...

He would impress me more if he meowed "Reach out and Touch... somebody's hand! Make this world a better place... If you can!"

*Oscar gets smacked in his forehead and quickly runs away*


Sorry man! That joker has some SHARP claws!

I can't wait until the next holiday...

So we can do it all over again.


  1. Bwahahahah! I have to agree with you. I love vegging out during the holidays! Awww Oscar-Tyrone is so cute, almost makes me want to get a cat for the kids.

  2. I do the same thing with my time off during my holiday break. I veg out on the sofa, watch TV, poke around online and read. I LOVE to curl up on my sofa in the corner where the chaise meets the sofa with a blanket.

    My furry one will also sneak up on me and put his head on the sofa and stare at me until I give him attention. Then he's good and lays in front of me on the floor. I'm looking forward to those days (about 10 this year)

    Give Oscar-Tyrone some love, LOL!

  3. LOL!!!
    I don't watch judge shows BUT that Unknown DVD on the table??? Yep pass THAT to me! LOL

  4. He's soo cute! I'm scared of cats though. Pitbulls...no Cats...yes.


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