Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saturday. The "Special" Edition.

I want to talk about Saturday.

Yeah, yeah, I am just now posting about my Saturday.

Saturday was GREAT! I went and hung out with my Play Mama Adrienne, one state over. She lives one state over from me, you see...

She lives a stone's throw away!

Her city parade was last Saturday.

A couple of weeks ago, she was telling me about it, and I hollered "Hey, I wanna come down there! I wanna go!"

She said cool.

Okay, parade starts around 11:00. That is cool. Means I could leave the ATL around 9 and make it that way.

But uh... her child was in the parade. And had to be on sight at 8:30. And the roads close at 9.


This meant that I had to be there by at least 8. Which meant I needed to leave the ATL around 6 in the morning.


Under the cover of DARKNESS.

Man... 6 in the morning... around that time, I am just waking up in the morning, staggering towards the bathroom.


I woke up around 4, laid in the bed til 4:30, went and took a shower, got dressed, and watched TV and loaded up the car.

(Anyone who I hook up with from the internet... uh, I come with plenty gifts and stuff. That is all.)

I had bought her a bunch of stuff from the Farmer's market. A quiche (which she had never had before), a lasagna, a chicken pot pie, plenty of bread, some cheese).

I brought GROCERIES!

(CowgirlCre and I went farmer's market shopping on Friday evening. I know she was a bit confused about the meat products in my buggy. "That ain't mine, that's Adrienne's!" I was quick to holler).

So I headed out at 6, and headed down to her country town.

The drive went well. I ate a banana and some peppermint candy. I listened to a homemade gospel CD.

I think the most amazing thing was seeing the sunrise in my rearview window. Amazing!

Anyway, I got down there. Played with the cat and dog. Talked plenty trash to the children...

Her middle girl Kayla twirls the baton and was gonna be in the parade.

"Kayla, I want you to light the ends of the baton on fire, girl. And throw it up in the sky!"

LOL. I think they know to ignore me by now... I am sure their mama has told them that LadyLee is... special.

Anyway,we headed to Adrienne's Mama and 'em house to pick up her Mama, and headed out to the parade.

We had an hour and a half to spare... so we sat in the truck and talked. Her mother and I sang white people's Christmas songs that were playing on the radio (which left poor Adrienne a bit disturbed... she just mad she can't sang like us. That's all that is. Jelous chicken!).

I also taught a science lesson on the chemical in purple fruits and vegetables that is very good for you, and why we must eat our purple vegetables. And the difference between a sweet potato and yam.


(What can I say? I am a geek, man.)

So, the parade was about to start. We had our game chairs, had our place staked out EARLY.

Interesting parade. There was this big deal about being ready to catch candy.

*more crickets*

It is sort of like the bead throwing at Mardi Gras. But with Candy.

I stood and watched this. Harrassed AJ (Adrienne's youngest son) about his candy catching strategy.

And I got a bit pissed that they weren't throwing Dove chocolates. Some good stuff.

(Let's just say: a gang of peppermint candy landed at my feet. I had to supress the urge to scream. And the urge to pick it all up and throw it back at the dude that tossed it).

I did happen to spot a few mini-snickers being tossed. I think that was as close to Dove candy as I got.


They were tossing beads.

The little strands. I got my fill of those when I lived in New Orleans. But AJ happen to catch a handful of beads which contained a gold strand with beads the size of marbles!

I promptly took it from the boy.

That's them GOOD beads!


A gang of horses came by!

"Take a picture of the horses for CowgirlCre, girl," Adrienne said.

I was thinking to myself, uh, CowgirlCre got a horse. She don't care to see pictures of horses. But I took pictures anyway.

I showed the pics to CowgirlCre. She scooted over to my side of the cubicle, face full of glee. Her eyes were all glazed over. Strange. She really like horses.

Then there was SANTA! Up on top of a Fire Truck!

He was not exciting. Because he was not throwing beads and candy.

*lee turns back on Santa*

After the parade we went back over to Adrienne's parents house. I had been hollering about my brakes squeaking. Interestingly, when they took the wheels off, it looked fine. They said I might have a bad strut.

"So, uh... I can't do any Fast and Furious moves in my car, can I?"

"Uh, no," her brothers and Daddy said.

"Okay, as long as I get on back to Georgia, that's cool!"


I had such a GREAT time. I hated to leave. It crossed my mind to go on a mall trip with them, but the mall doesn't excite me, and I knew that running around the mall THEN trying to drive home... Uh, NERP!

She has such a nice family. Good good people!

Thanks for having me in your city, Play Mama! You as always made my day GREAT!!!

I hope to stop through again some day soon! :)


  1. LOL!! I love the way you tell stories!! We all enjoyed you too!!!

    Momma told me to ask you if you found a station on your way back home lol

  2. I love it. Yall make me want to move south so bad. When I am there I am just surrounded by these same kind of good people. They are few and far between out west.

  3. Wow...Homemade Chicken Pot pie? Hmm, I need to invite you to Dallas don't I?


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