Monday, December 12, 2011

Surly Regular Kitty

That Original Oldcat, Oscar-Tyrone looks a bit...

I don't know... surly. But surly don't quite describe it.

Surly + upset is more like it.


Because he'd run out of cat food. And that is my fault. I forgot to pick it up on my last trip to the natural foods co-op.

He is a special kitty. (He is not a kitty. At 14 years old, he is an Oldcat).

I went and bought that... under the cover of darkness.

"Ma'am, do you need a bag for your cat food?" the cashier asked.

"NO!" I said, a bit too loudly. I grabbed the food and walked briskly out the store.

That Oscar-Tyrone... I knew there was a problem when I tried to feed him some tuna and rice. I even warmed it up for him. He gave me the hard side-eye, and very reluctantly ate it.

No, he likes his flaxseed, his brown rice and chicken. Real chicken. Not by-product.

Oscar-Tyrone is a REGULAR Oldcat. Likes to keep his digestive system... regular.

So now, hopefully, he will be less... surly.



  1. His face is PRICELESS. He looks fun to be around, though.

  2. LOL I wonder what in the WORLD he is thinking lol

  3. Anonymous10:27:00 AM

    Ha, ha! He likes to stay fooling him with tuna & rice. Smart old cat.



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