Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday Freestyles

Happy Black Friday to ya!

Did you get up at midnight and get out there in the streets and get yourself some reasonably priced electronics!!??

I hope you did! And I hope you didn't have to beat the brakes off a fellow shopper to get that bargain, honey!

I didn't participate in the festivities...

I was asleep! Why? Because I am working all day on Friday.

Friday is payday, but it's not a day for me to go out and throw some elbows and get some deals. I am letting my black friday be a true black friday: I'm paying off some recurring credit card tomfoolery! And I am setting some year end financial goals. Wanna close 2012 out right, honey!

A REAL black friday!! My money already in the black, never in the red. Just want it a little blacker!

GLORY!! *throws glitter*

Thanksgiving. I had a very nice thanksgiving. I traveled to the Southside 'burbs to hang out with my sister. We have developed our own little tradition of just the two of us spending Thanksgiving together.

I spent a little time that morning looking for the sick-and-shut-convalescing old man Oscar-Tyrone. I thought I would take him with me to my sister's place. It would be a good chance for him to get out.

I couldn't find him, which is odd. I know all of his hiding spots.

Well at least I thought I did. I happened upon him when I needed a pair of socks. I found him in the back of the sock drawer.

And he was sleeping hard. Had to hit him to wake him up, lol. He was not happy!

And not happy about riding in the car. That was hilarious. He was all over the car. It was funny to look in the rear view mirrow and see his feet up in the air as he fell all over the car.  I am sure that wasn't good for his hepatitis and pancreatis.

He quickly figured out that he needed to just sit on the armrest and be still. He hid for a few hours when we got there, but he eventually came out and perused my sister's place. I think he had a nice time, just like we did.

Since it's just me and my sister, we don't have turkey. We bake a chicken.

Here's our light-skinned chicken!

And our dressing!
I made some gumbo. Correction: I found a quart of gumbo out yonder in the deep freezer in the garage, and I added more andouille sausage, chicken, okra and chicken to it.
It's a bit thick, a bit chunky, and I don't like the color of it, but it was tasty.

Kentucky likes to store some in the freezer, so she has a quart for herself.  I threw the remainder in another quart container and walked out yonder to the deep freezer and threw it in. She knows she can come get it when she run out.

We also had hashbrown casserole, collard greens, squash casserole, field peas and snaps, green bean casserole, wild rice, ham, and rolls. We also had million dollar pie.

An Oldgirl had the 'itis.

Really though.

We sat around and watched movies (Rango, Hunger Games, Madea Witness Protection) and flat-ironed our hair! (Well I watched her flat iron hers, and she let me flatiron the front of mine. I know she was excited about us doing something girly together, since I am such a tomboy.)

Like I said, Thanksgiving was nice. However, my sister had a falling out with our Mama that morning. So we had to spend a little time talking about that. My sister had invited our mother over so she wouldn't be along for Thanksgiving, but Ma was trying to bring her dude with her, and uh... dude, you wasn't invited. So they had a big falling out about that.

I told my sister that... oh, well. You know what you dealing with and you choose to deal with that mess. NOT THE OLDGIRL. You don't say what Mother wants to hear or do what she wants you to do, then you lost at the starting gate, man. My sister has had an uncanny way of getting along with her. Not sure how they gonna work this one out.

I thought Mother would go to her stepchildren's house because they are PLUMB CRAZY! With the cussing and fighting and fancy weapons and ish. Pure entertainment. Mother loves that type of thing. Me and my sister are the complete opposite of such. We are quite boring.

I didn't see the fight over some rachet dude coming at all. And this dude has been trying to meet for some reason. Not gonna happen, sir... You have to catch LadyLee at a stop light or a Wal-mart, sir. I'm too old for confusement these days.

After listening to my sister and dealing with her feelings, and making sure she was feeling okay, we got our Thanksgiving groove back....

In other words, Thanksgiving was a delight.

As it should be.

And I am happy about that. And thankful for it.

I hope ya'll enjoy your Good Black Friday. 

I am going to enjoy mines at work... ON PURPOSE!


  1. LOL @ You watching Rango. Andre was talking about that movie last night lol. It's hilarious lol

    SO glad you had a good time :) Despite the fight.

  2. I'm glad that your Thanksgiving was peaceful and that Oscar-Tyrone went along for the ride. :-)

  3. I almost did a drive by last night. I had to pick up 1 of the kids from Turner Field last night. I did not want you shooting at me, so I kept it moving.

    Glad you and Kaye (you know her name for the clears crack me up) had a great day!

  4. @Mama A.. Rango was GREAT. Love that movie.

    Kentucky was so disappointed. I needed her to get over that. Quickly.

    @Remnants... Hey Remnants!

    @Bandit... You coulda came by. Just call in advance. You know I don't answer the door if somebody knocking! Woulda loved to have seen you!

  5. Ladylee,
    How did the two of you eat all that food!!!!!! Good Lord that's a lot of food yall prepared. I loved reading every minute of it.
    Happy Holidays

  6. @Sasha... What? Man, there are leftovers for days. All the gumbo went in the freezer. (Hopefully, she will come get that other quart out the freezer sometime next year. Otherwise, I will stretch it again, lol).

    My sister gave me some chicken and dressing, but that went in the freezer. I was more interested in the veggies (I took ALL the greens home, lol), and brought much of that home. I think she will be eating Thanksgiving food for awhile, lol. I think that was her plan anyway.

    My sister LOVES to cook. She rarely gets to cook Thanksgiving food, so that was a treat for her!


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