Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Murder Kroger

There are a plethora of Kroger grocery stores all over metro ATL.

And you've heard me talk much about the White People's Kroger. That's the Kroger they built in the inner city when all the white people moved intown. There's even a nice Target, Best Buy, and Barnes and Noble also. It is super nice, as to be expected. I go there frequently, as that is where my pharmacy is located.

And you've heard me talk about Black People's Kroger. That's over by the CowgirlCre's Mama and Daddy's house in Southeast ATL. I don't go in there unless I absolutely have to because they are slow as all get out. Every negro in the world be up in that place. Good grief.

But Murder Kroger... I only go there when I don't feel like driving out to the White People's Kroger...

Murder Kroger...

It looks nice enough.

There are beautiful flowers for sale out front. I took this picture back around Halloween, so there are also bins of pumpkins too.

I'm not all that sure about the electric riding cart out in the parking lot. They need to get that on inside quick before someone steals it.

I can't say I have cared to go in there much. It's on Ponce, a couple of miles from the job. And it's the type of place that you go into when you need something quick. I was looking up the store hours one day, and I saw that it was lovingly referred to as "Murder Kroger" online.

No one said why, though. It is in the heart of Midtown and it sits waaaaay far back off the road, so I am sure some tomfoolery has gone on in the huge parking lot that is shared with some condos and other businesses.


I have had good experiences in there. They get me in and out quickly. The staff is nice. And like I said, I only run in there for quick stuff when I don't want to drive the extra couple of miles to the White People's Kroger.

There are always...interesting people in the parking lot. Last Saturday I went, and some homeless dude tried to cuss me out because I would give him 25 cents.

I was the WRONG one to mess with on a Saturday. I had just worked 4.5 hours and I was not in the best mood.

"You the one out here begging, man!" I hollered.

"You right. I'm out here begging for a motherf****** quarter! I oughta be ashamed of myself."

I'm not sure if he was using reverse psychology on me or not... I don't carry cash. But by that time, I'd gone on in the store. I bought my toilet tissue and lawn bags for leaves, and I was out. Dude was gone.

Now, on the day that I took the picture above, I'd gone in for a few things (I don't remember what), and since I had only a few items, I thought I would get in the express lane.

Simple enough. Only one buggy ahead of me. No big deal.

Except the guys in front of me had a FULL buggy...

And these jokers were doing something I'd NEVER seen done before: they were counting out 10 items at a time and paying for them.

I wanted to holler "Really? Really dude?"


I mean, who does that?

This dude pulled 10 honeybuns out of a box and then paid for them.



I just shook my head. And I decided to just pull out my phone and play around on it. They were done in 10 minutes.

That was some silliness...

Only at murder Kroger.

On that night I met another interesting fellow in the parking lot. He was kind and mannerable. He tried to sell me a handful of incense.

"No thank you," I said.

He nodded and walked away, eagerly looking for someone else to purchase his incense.


My adventures at Murder Kroger have been simple adventures...  nothing that lives up the moniker.

It is a decent Kroger... And I will continue to go there!


  1. LOL @ them counting out 10 items at a time.

  2. Incense, huh? Yeah right..... lol


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