Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Freestyles!

Friday Afternoon Freestyles!

Suppose to be Friday Morning Freestyles... But I'm on CP time today...

So we'll keep it short!

Birthday Wishes.  Happy 35th Birthday to my Play Mama Adrienne!

Oh yeah... and happy birthday to her twin brutha, My Uncle Andre, too.

But this here is about Play Mama! Happy Birthday, Mama! From you oldest stray child!

Mama A has kept me straight for the past couple of years... Nothing like the following text message exchange:

Mama A: Did you take your nighttime meds and turn on your alarm?
Lee: No. I'll do it in a minute.
Mama A: Go do it now. I will wait.

Yep. She keep me straight! Makes sure I keep up with my appointments and everythang else! And she has dealt with the dark side of me... and still hangs around! Can you imagine that?

Thanks for that, chick! Have a happy Birthday!

The sick and shut in kitty. Man I tell you. I miss the Old Oscar-Tyrone. You know, the Oscar-Tyrone that would play around on the beams over the living room.

Yeah, I miss THAT Oscar. The one that I use to have to tell "Boy, you best not fall! You better get down from there!"

Now all I get is him peering at me from his kitty bed.

That sucka just sleeps all the time.

He'd been yacking on the carpet (which is NOT cool), so he got banned to his cage.

Look at him. That lil' dude look all sad. SO WHAT. I can't deal with the yacking on the carpet. And he hurled and pooped all over his cat bed. YUCK. That is why he has a new really cheap bed. 

He has that look on his face that says "This bed isn't as nice as the other one, LadyLee. Humph."

That's right dude. You about to be laying out on the front porch if you don't get it together.

Or you'll be hanging out in the cage. Notice he has a cheap towel in there now.

He throws his litter everywhere. I rather clean that up... much easier than cleaning up cat vomit. Yuck.

This has been an... interesting week, this care and comfort of the sick and shut-in kitty. I think he's getting better. He fights me when I try to give him his pills. He was barely eating, but now he's eating a lot. And thank goodness his bathroom habits are regular again. Not sure it's healthy to not go to the bathroom for several days, whether it be human or animal. Sigh.

I think I may have to crush it up in his food. I can't deal with his karate kid moves.

But I am glad he is getting better. He's 15 years old. Let's hope for another good 2 or 3 years of life for the Oldboy.

Whelp! That's all for today! I hope you all have a great weekend... ON PURPOSE!


  1. happy birthday Adrienne! Get better Oscar-Tyrone!

  2. Awwwww thanks for the bday wishes!!! Im all late lol

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Adrienne!!
    And I'm glad ole' Oscar is doing better!


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