Wednesday, November 07, 2012

You're the WRONG MAN, Mitt Romney!


You most certainly look presidential...

But you are NOT the president.


All that money can't buy a presidency.

And your disdain for the 47%... the common everyday folks... uh, you couldn't back out of that, could you?

And all that lying, uh, I mean flip-flopping didn't pan out either.

You are the wrong man.

Plain and simple.

Anita Baker says it best, sir.

Yes. The wrong man.

And I'm sorry... but you're not gonna beat Hills in 2016.

(That's Hillary Clinton, ya'll. Hills 2016. Bout to make a Hills Church fan right now, lol).

Republicans, next time ya'll need to find someone that you all actually LIKE and respect next time... because Hills is in there. That is all.

You keep working on that bucket list! I know you'll cross more things off... but not the presidency!!


  1. hee hee...say that girl! #"we're back"

  2. Ha ha...I approve this message. LOL Okay, so I know I'm nobody to be providing approval, but I do like this post. LOL

  3. Mittens was absolutely the wrong man for the job.


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