Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday Freestyles... The Presidential Virtual Barbeque Edition!

Congratulations to our President for relection!


4 more years!

Thank goodness Romney didn't win. And I'm an independent, but on the state and local level, mostly. I have to say that I'm disenchanted with the Republican party.  I mean, how the heck do you diss EVERY minority- hispanics, blacks, women, gay folks, poor folks (is that a minority?)- then turn around and make light of the act of rape and its associated issues... and then expect to win?

Well they didn't diss the asian folks. Not sure why. And no telling what was said behind closed doors.

Fold all that up in a blanket called "having enough money to buy an election" and a sheet called "lying", I mean, flip-flopping.

How the heck you do all that ratchetness and win?

The answer is you can't.

And as a result, the President was reelected.  GLORY!

And I am reading articles which pretty much say that the Republicans are calling people who voted for Obama a bunch of idiots.

Wow. It don't stop, does it? Yeah, makes me want to become a republican RIGHT now. LOL

Ya'll lost. Go back and get a REAL leader and a REAL message. Looking down your nose on everyone who isn't a rich white male doesn't appear to be working.  At all.
I am glad it is OVER!! GLORY!

Time to EAT!

Let's have a virtual barbeque! And if you been to a House of LadyLee Barbeque, you know we always have the same menu. LOL


Some of ya'll not all that regular, so you know I will help you on that one. Let's start out with a little fruit.

Uncle Cre (RIP Uncle cre) ! Pull out the witch's kettle! Heat up that grease! Fry us some catfish!

We got the HOT. FRIED. FISH for the Party People!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I got the grill going.

And you KNOW there's always someone hollerin' about they don't eat pork. GEEZ!! So for them, I grilled up some shrimp and crab!

I cooked up some gumbo...

And for you REAL country folk: My grandma brought over some chittlins!

Hold your horses. The salmon and biscuits are almost ready!

And for the super health conscious folks, we have all the stir-fry you can eat!

Good LAWD, there is some good eatin' up in my Party!!!!

"Where the Liquor at, LadyLee!" Blog Fam screams, even though they got a case of the "itis" right now.

I tell you... black folks. You know we love the libations...

Bitch on Ice... So nice so nice.

Come on, sang with me... *Lee does the running man dance*

"Bitch on Ice... so nice, so nice! Bitch on Ice... so nice, so nice!!!"

Grab a plate, and Party ON!!!

Oh, and don't forget to leave room for dessert.

Tiny, grab that ice cream out the freezer!

(Tiny lives in Hawaii now. Lawd knows I miss him!)

Party People, make sure you have a few of LadyLee's Oatmeal Raisin walnut cookies and Chocalate Chip Pecan cookies.

And we got a little double chocolate coffee infused cake! Have a slice!!
Whew!!! That was a good virtual barbeque!

Thank ya'll so much for stopping by and celebrating the reelection of our President!

Now... you ain't got to go home, but you got to get the hell up outta HERE!!!


Just kidding. Feel free to go back and grab another plate. There is plenty for all.

All brought to you by your Friendly Neighborhood Original Oldgirl LadyLee.

Go President Obama!  4 more years... ON PURPOSE!


  1. They hate China. Remember the big debate was that Pres O wasn't going to be hard enough on them.

  2. @Disco Diva... Ah yeah. I remember that. I was thinking more in the light of them dissing the Asian-Americans. Didn't hear much of that.

    That whole hate of China may have backfired in that light. Sigh. They need to come up with a different plan. This one is not working.

    @Cre... Imagine all that food in one place! Wow! Talk about some good good eating! LOL

  3. Yo Doc, why all the dessert gotta have nuts in it though? Hmph.

  4. you know we always have the same menu. LOL

  5. Damn what a spread!!!!


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