Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Monday Morning... The Thankful Edition

Oh man...

I have been away from the blog most of the week!

Goodness... and I wanted last week to be a Food-for-thought week. Did not work out.

Last week was just HECTIC. I wouldn't call it a bad week, because it simply wasn't. Just HECTIC.

First of all, Ol' Lucy was in the shop.

Lucy! Lucy the Lexus!

No, she wasn't broke down or anything like that. I just didn't know the last time the timing belt and other maintenance had been done. I saved up the money and had it all done. I also needed some new fuses, etc... and I needed it road tested.  Everything was a-ok with Ol' Lucy! Whoever the last owner was did all the things they were suppose to do to keep her up!

I am thankful for that!

Annnnnd my phone broke. So I have been off the grid. I have a bootleg loaner phone until the replacement comes in. Man, they make SURE to give you something that you won't steal, lol. Phone technology has come a long way!

And guess what? Seargent Cookies is in the air!!!

That's right! My brother Milk and Cookies was doing a tour in Afghanistan for the past 6 months, and he is on his way home. Nope, I won't get to see him. He lives in Seattle. But he is on his way outta there in one piece.

Just happy to have him back in the States, man! Whew!

Our convos have been a bit crazy.

"Boy! Can you update your facebook page DAILY so we know you're alright??"
"Yeah, Shawty."

And he doesn't do it. When he accepts friends requests... that lets you know he's alright. Humph.

I was a bit more belligerent after watching the ratchetness on the news. You know how they like to scare people.

"Dude! Don't you talk to NOBODY on the streets!" I holler.
"They let locals onto the base to sell stuff, Lee."
"Boy did you hear me? You realize what they saying on the news? Don't talk to the locals!"

Whatever. He is coming back,now. Thankful for that! I hope he got on the plane and looked forward. Don't even look out the window, man! Don't even look back!

It is Thanksgiving week, ya'll. Meal planning has already begun. I am going to my sister's house. She is cooking. I am making some field peas and snaps. I fought the crowds yesterday at the Farmer's Market because my sister wanted a smoked turkey leg for her greens. She lives in the burbs on the far southside, and I would have hated for her to make the long drive. So I fought the traffic (of course I got other things, too, lol).

But it's going to be a good week. I didn't take any time off. Hopefully it will be a quiet one workwise.

I think I will spend the week posting about some of the things I am thankful for. Don't hold me to that, though. You know how I am. But that is what I hope to do.

And I hope you have a good week too... on purpose.


  1. Oh my...Facebook was my way of keeping up with my son while he was in Afghanistan. And same thing I knew he was ok when he accepted friend requests. LOL!

  2. @Remnants... Shoot, girl. I thought it was just me. There is NOTHING worse than seeing some craziness on the news... and knowing that your own is over there, and wondering if he is alright.

    Was it so much to ask for them to do the facebook updates...DAILY?


  3. unityfalls9:10:00 AM

    Glad to know your brother is coming home safely.

  4. I used to name my cars....I didn't name my current vehicle though. At this point I won't, but there's always next time.

  5. So glad he made it safely! YAY!!!


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