Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday to you!

Are you gonna go online while you're at work today and find great deals?

Not me. Sigh.

We have an audit this week. So I am a bit O_O.

I really need to sit down and go through some material and actually THINK about all the questions that can be asked. But I've been doing my regular work, and you know how that goes.

As a result, I worked a half day on Saturday. Not particularly happy about that.

It is what is.

Other than that, this weekend was nice.

A couple of weeks ago I was rummaging around online and found an article stating that there were 37 different farmers markets in metro Atlanta.

Can you imagine?

My goodness. You know I love a good Farmers market.

And there is one in my community, only a mile or so from my house, over in Grant Park by the Atlanta Zoo.

Why on earth did I not know this? O_O

So you know me... I went and investigated:

It is large. A lot bigger than the one I usually go to some 6 miles away in Morningside.

I bought some veggies I've never had before...

Purple Mustard Greens:


Yeah, I'ma look up a few recipes and work that out. I'm always happy to find something new.

My experiments with such should be all quite... interesting.

Have a happy Cyber Monday. Hope you found some great deals!

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