Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday Freestyles!

This is Freestyle Friday!

A HAPPY Freestyle Friday!


Because it is PAYDAY!!

AND because I'm stomping up against a 3 day weekend! Presidents day is Monday.


*rockette kicks*

I might just buy an Abraham Lincoln top hat and walk around my house.

And you know what? The boss isn't here!

What did I do to deserve a day such as THIS!!?

The week started off a tad bit janky. First of all, I took Monday off. That is a great thing. And I did it just because... just because I could. I had training this week, and it didn't start 'til Tuesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had this training. It is for some strange pilot computer data entry program that our group is participating in. I was being a hard azz about it last year, but I got a really nice cash award for participating. If I would've known that, I would've participated more, lol. I was a bit miffed about it taking away from my regular work (even had to come in on a Saturday to make up some of my regular work - NOT CUTE). But I promised myself I would at least pay attention to what's going on.

It was hard. Why? Because I don't roll up into work until 10:15 a.m. Those days I had to be in at 8 am.


Talk about being throwed off all week? Wow. Amazing how a 2 hour change in arrival time has me all O_o.

Now, I wake up at 6. But I don't start getting ready until 8:30.

So I have been as irritable as a 2 year old when you wake her up in the morning.

I THINK I'm back on schedule now. I THINK.

Like I said the boss is off today. Yesterday, I was in my cubicle and I heard my coworker Lieutennant Commander Meek-Meek say something horrid.

"LadyLee can act for you tomorrow."

Oh my! She almost caught my Good book of Cuss upside her head. O_O

Everyone knows I don't like to "act", i.e., be in charge. I don't like being in charge of other people. That's not cute. I have a hard enough time being in charge of myself. I don't wanna go around checking on NOBODY and what they are up to. I don't care. The last time I was in charge, I was tricked. My boss text me while I was on my way to work about it. AND she told me that I had to sit in for her in a supervisor meeting. That was hilarious. Still giving her the side-eye over that one.

After running hard to my boss' office yesterday, trying to prevent this tomfoolery, everything worked out well. An indian chick in our group is in charge today. I do believe she likes to be in charge. I like for her to be in charge too, because she is good about leaving me alone and not harrassing me. GLORY!!

I went over and made extra sure the Indian chick knew she was in charge. She knew she was. And she had a sparkle in her eye. She was really glad about it.

And that's a good thing!!

I also had a good annual work review yesterday. So you KNOW I'm trying to chill today. Ya'll better hope I get a little work done!

Current Events. There were a BUNCH of current events in the news. I remember the bizarre... and the tragic.

A meteor hit Russia this morning.


Can you imagine driving in to work this morning and seeing some craziness flying across the sky???


700 people injured. That's a lot of people.

And we're living in an age now where much can be captured on our cellphone cameras. Sigh.

It has been an interesting week. Like you, I've watched the Chris Donner tragedy unfold out in Californina. Did you read his 22 page manifesto? You should read it. I did. And you can see his whole thought process unfold. On paper. There were a couple of lines in there that caught my attention. I'll write about that next week.

And Oscar Pistorious shooting his girlfriend. O_O. No one knows what that's about. He says he thought she was an intruder. Neighbors said they were arguing. The police said they've had to run out to that house in the past on domestic violence calls. Now if that is true... it doesn't look good for the Blade Runner. If the police has had to keep running back and forth to your house because ya'll battling that hard... uh, sir, you're gonna have a helluva time proving that this was an accident. They are charging him with premeditated murder. Not a good look.

Sad and tragic. That is all.

Quotes of the week. I am reading Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer with my buddy. Favorite quote this week, from chapter 3:

"...Never let a pessimistic person talk you out of your dreams."

"Don't let anyone's limited thinking limit you. Negativity can be contagious; you have to pay attention if you don't want to catch it! Even if you are the only positive person in your family, your social circles, or your workgroup, be the one with an optimistic attitude and outlook in every situation."

That's a lot to think about right there. And a lot to work on.

Song of the week. So... I really dig this cut. "I Decided" by Liv Warfield.

A good song, but it is a bit rambling. My cubicle mate and I were checking it out. The singer is basically fussing through the whole song. She has decided to leave her man. I was a little miffed by the last line.

"I decided... to think you might change"
Isn't that what us chickens do? We know that man is giving you all kinds of problems and stressing us out... then we decide to stay with him.

As if the craziness will end. We know it won't.

When will we learn?

Well, that is all for the week. I am looking forward to my weekend. Not much done. I might try to get my taxes done. My sister said she could do them. I rather throw her some cheese to do it, than pay the astronomical amount I usually pay to have them done. We will see how that goes.

Have a great weekend!

On purpose!


  1. Yelp we were jammin hard to that song until we caught that last line!! We thought WTH??!! If only we could cut the last line off...

    1. I stop playing it before she sang the last line. That ie how I am dealing with it... And it keeps me from getting angry.

  2. "I have a hard enough time being in charge of myself. I don't wanna go around checking on NOBODY and what they are up to. I don't care."

    That statement is me all the way. I don't desire a management job. Just put me in a corner or office by myself. LOL.

    1. You know what? I wouldn't mind being in charge if I could make an impact and had autonomy. Our management is a "yes man" job. Not I, honey!

      Just leave me to the side, man. I don't want to play the political games and be afraid all the time or be forced to do dirty things to my employees.

  3. I definitely want to read the Dorner's manifesto...I'm kind of worried about what I may read, though.

    I was shocked about Oscar Pistorious. I don't know why...people are weird, even the ones we hold on pedastals.

    I wish I were off today...oh well!

    Happy Monday! Enjoy the last day of your extended weekend.

    Oh yeeah...I was listening to the song before submitting my comments...who knew she was actually gonna stay. We have all been there, done that.

    1. You should read it. This dude had some deep rooted stuff going on. He was still upset about some mess he went through in high school. THAT'S where all his pain started.

      I think it is rare for someone to write about what's is on their mind like that.

      With Oscar... I struck at how the police are saying they had to run out to his house several times on domestic issues. I'm wondering why she didn't leave him alone back then.

      That song... sigh. Love it up until that last line. But it is appropriate, because like you said we have all been there, done that.

      But I am still struck by that post you did a couple years back where you told LL... "I want all these things, but not with you."

      Yes... I wish she would've ended the song with THAT... then picked up her things and walked out the door.

    2. Wow...LL, that seems like a lifetime ago. I was actually a little sad for a while about telling him that. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I was confused about why I didn't like, a seemingly great guy, more than I did. We have to stay in tuned with out feelings...our gut is usually right about matters of the heart.

      It took me a few times with other guys to say what she said at the end of the song before I had the courage and common sense to say what I did to LL.

    3. I think I will always remember that because I said that years ago to the then husband when he wanted to have a baby. Yes, I want to have a baby... but not with you. Yeah, I was married at the time. Didn't care. That would've been a big mistake in a problem marriage.

      You the first woman I've come across who had said something similar. And it was from the heart. And that meant much to me, to see someone with similar feelings and willing to admit it. I will always remember that.

  4. Man had I seen some ball of fire flying across the sky...I would have been looking for Jesus lol

    1. Honey, I see a ball of fire flying across the sky like that, I'm trying to turn it around and go the other way. Got me thinking we being bombed!


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