Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday Freestyles... The Janky Weather and Anniversary Edition

'Tis Friday!!

'And 'tis PAYDAY!!


*wide swooping cartwheels*

And I'm terribly happy that NEXT week is a short 2 day workweek for me.

Look at me... already thinking about next week!


Why? 'Tis my birthday week! I will turn 43 on Thursday!!!


Look at me... celebrating already. Shoot man... I'm happy to get some time off. I didn't take Christmas or Thanksgiving vacation. I'm trying to be out!!

But let's not think about all that (Hint: you should stick around for next week. There's a giveaway. And you know how I am about gift cards... hmm).

Let's not think about all that. Let's pull it all back in... think about TODAY. Next week ain't even promised.

Janky Weather. Uh, has the weather been all trippy where you at? You know, like 20 degrees one day, and 70 degrees the next?
It's like that in my beloved ATL. It is very confusing.

I know 12kyle was saying on twitter a couple of days ago, "It's really nice outside. If I had time I would throw some ribs on the grill."

This made me and my cubicle mate the Cowgirl Cre all giddy. She lives near him, and offered to come by and get a plate. I was gonna clean out the tupperware I packed my veggie lunch in and let him fill it up. I know we drove him crazy with all that.

Anyway, he's in the ATL area, and I was like "Uh, warm downtown or out there on the Eastside?"

He said all over. And I should take a break and go outside.

Uh yeah. I did that. I headed down to the loading dock. I expected the warmth of the sun on my face. And a cool breeze blowing through my all of one inch long natural hair.

What I got was dark cloudy skies. No fresh breezes, but strong gusts of wind. It smelled like rain.

And it looked like Dorothy and Toto would be walking down the street at any moment.

It was warm... but it was tornado weather. And we had tornado warnings downtown ALL day.

I live in the hood. Tornados don't hit the hood down here. They hit trailer parks out in the country. Not sure what that's about. But a tornado hit downtown a few years ago. I blogged about it. It looked like Godzilla had stomped through. It was CRAZY.

But uh... that is a rarity, man. Tornadoes don't like the hood.

A tornado hit yesterday. Up in one of the northern counties. Tore up some stuff BAD. $75 million dollars in damage. Dang.

Let's just say... I am ready for the springtime. I need some consistent temps! No more janky weather.

Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary to PlayMama and Uncle Tony.

(Yes I call him Uncle Tony. Adrienne has told him that I am... special. So he smiles and deals with it).

Happy Anniversary, ya'll!!!

Yesterday, she sent me an old photo of her and Uncle Tony at their prom, and announced that their wedding anniversary was on Friday...

I bust out in a fit of laughter. I know the cubicle area had to be like "What the world?"

Of course we were tripping on the photo. My boss said "What's all that stuff in the background?" And cubicle mate CowgirlCre said "Who dat fine lady standing up there with AJ [their 11 year old son]??"

Bahahahaa!! We will peanut gallery the cheese out of some pictures!

Don't they look young as all get out!? Oh my!

I went sneaking around on her blog, and I found a small picture collage from last year's anniversary.

So change that 15 to 16. Happy 16th anniversary! And many more! Forever and for always!

Video of the week.  We will let it be an anniversary song! The good long version!

It's rare these days to marry your high school or college sweetheart. And always a special thing when it happens and you are still together. It truly is...

Well, that's it for Friday Freestyle!!

Super Bowl this weekend! I hope your team wins!!

So have a great weekend.

And enjoy yourself, but don't hurt yourself!

You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Drink responsibly, man... on purpose!!!


  1. This weather is out of hand. Last week it was 82 degrees. The next day it was 40 degrees. I don't know what to make of this. The weather has been changing constantly. Just on Wednesday, I left work and it was 60 degrees. By the time I left for lunch at noon, it was 35 degrees. But yesterday the temps reversed. It was 29 when I left for work. When I went to lunch, it was 60 degrees.

    Tornadoes hit in more rural areas because there is more open land. They tend to touch down in open areas because of the airflow which is not congested like places in the city with tall buildings. That doesn't mean a tornado will not hit a city but one is more likley to form in rural areas.

    Your play mama posted that prom picture on twitter. I wondered about the things in the background too. lol

  2. I had this long comment and something happened that just wasn't right. ugh.

    thanks for the anniversary wishes lol

  3. You think you have janky weather...PLEASE!! Imagine Florida with 45 degree weather at 6 am. Then by noon at 70 degrees. I'm going to catch a cold from this weather. So I'll let you in on a secret...I'm thinking of moving to ATL in June. Think I should do it?

  4. I'm bringing my birthday wishes early cuz, I know by Thursday, I'm not gonna be worth a thing!
    Happy Birthday to ya oldgirl and many, many more!


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