Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Randoms

Oh my...

How did I let 2 days go by and neglect to post anything.


I have some long posts to do. They will take a little time, and uh... I don't feel like dealing with that this week.

So here are some randoms...

Oscars. Did you watch? I did. Ho-hum. I wanted Quevanghne Wallis to win, even though I knew she wouldn't. I told my boss (and everyone I know) that I would be taking off if she did. Yes sir.

I thought the host was okay. I guess you have to like that type of humor.

They need to cut the show short, though. I can't deal with this midnight finish. I have to be at work the following morning. I think I even dozed off a few times!

Work. Work is going well. BUSY week last week. I like it when it's like that because my day goes by SUPER fast.

Anyway, I rarely prep samples, but we are going through some strange pilot program and I have to do my stuff from start to finish. Sigh. Oh well. This week's sample was nectarines.

Those are beautiful. It reminds me of last summer. I had a strange nectarine craving all summer long. Just odd.

Anyway, I had to peel off the stickers and cut out the pit, and grind those up. This is cool, since it's just a small amount (but I always holler when I am assigned something - "Give me something with no stickers, sticks, limbs, seeds or pits!).

Like I said, it's cool when there is a small amount. When I get a whole case of those, though?

Let's just say it's gonna be a long afternoon. Very long.

Lunch. I have been bringing salads this week. Here's today's salad.

I just went slap crazy with the fresh cut strawberries, didn't I? Sheesh. What was I thinking last night when I made my lunch?

What's funny is that diced nectarines are under those strawberries. NO, I did not take that nectarine from the lab. I bought 2 nectarines at the Publix down the street from the job. Humph.

I also have my little cup of nuts and seeds.

That is a lot of salad. I will eat half for lunch, and the rest for dinner, I suppose.

I have a cup of fruit also.

That is a pound of fresh cut fruit from the deli section at the Farmer's market. Cantelope, strawberries, pineapple, and grapes.  I was too lazy to scoop out some and place it in a little container. I just brought the whole thing to work. I guess I will leave that in the fridge, and hope none of these shady folks steal it.

Dessert: oreo cheescake.

That's that good stuff, from Southern Sweets Bakery. I found that place a few years ago while running around with my favorite author Tayari Jones looking for a cake on Christmas Eve. One slice of anything from there is enough for 4 people. You can't beat that.

I pressed a piece of my slice into a plastic container.  I may not eat that. I may have to kick in and eat this busted banana.

Or maybe not.

That banana might don't make it too much longer. LOL!

Too much fruit going on today. Ugh. Gotta balance all that out some!

That's it for me today. I will try to post something tomorrow. Not sure how that's gonna work out.

You have a good week. On purpose.


  1. Dang it Ladylee!! That banana has a good week and a half of life left. Send it up here to New Jersey, I'll take it off your hands. :)

    1. Man... That banann is old. There is NOTHING worse than a ripe banana. That banana has 2 days left. I like my bananas just as they turn yellow.

      If I could ship it? I would. LOL

  2. "Too much fruit going on today. Ugh. Gotta balance all that out some!"

    You think?

    I make this fantastic salad with baby spinach, bleu cheese, blueberries, crushed pecans and grilled chicken (of course you can drop the chicken) but it is soooo good.

    1. Yeah girl.. I can't eat that much fruit again. Goodness.

      That Salad! Salad de Chele!

      The tartness of those blueberries against the sharpness of that blue cheese? And the crunchiness of the pecans?

      Wow. Salad de Chele!!

      That sounds good! Even with the chicken! I'm gonna try some version of that soon.

  3. Yummyyy fruit! Don't eat any icecream tonight O_O

    1. No way on that ice cream. I had a craving for coffee ice cream last night, and that is over with. Those 4 spoonfuls were enough. Next time I will just dip my finger in a pint at the store when no one is looking. A pint of ice cream lasts around 3 weeks at my house, sometimes longer. I hate to see it every time I open the freezer. Sigh.

      Toooo much fruit! Work with me on not cutting up that many strawberries ever again! LOL!!


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