Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Food For Thought: Crochet, Thoughts, and a Thing Desired

So I finished yet another baby blanket...

Gotta be careful about laying anything on the sofa like flat like that. That Original Oldcat Oscar-Tyrone gets some silly ideas. He will lay right on top of it if I leave it like that... and he'll stare at me. He knows that I know he has sharp nails and can hack a blanket to pieces. Sigh.

I love the edging. This is the edging for a boy. I like a ruffle edging better, but that's for a girl.

Can't give a baby blanket with ruffles to a little boy. Nope.

Yes this is for a baby boy.

Little Nehemiah!

Look at that little face! And those big lips! All togehter now... AWWWWW!!!
He was born in November, and he is the grandson of one of my favorite coworkers, Lieutennant Commander Meek-Meek!

I remember the day he was born. Meek Meek was telling our boss "I gotta go! This girl is about to have this baby!"

"And I'm leaving, too!" I hollered.

"You going with her?" my boss asked

"No, honey! I'm going in the opposite direction! I'm going home!"


No I wasn't going with Meek-Meek to the hospital to see the baby born. I was going home. Heck, Meek-Meek is my late night work partner.  It was 5 pm. We usually get off around 7 pm. No use in me hanging out here at work.

Me and Meek-Meek walked quickly to the garage. She got in her car and sped off one way, and I sped off in the other direction.

The next thing I know, I received a text message picture of the baby. Glory!

Little Nehemiah was all dressed up for Christmas.

That little dude is knocked out. I didn't know they made little Santa suits for babies. I learn something new everyday!

I told Meek today that that boy is not gonna remember this picture, lol.

But his big sister Ari will remember them!
And she looks fabulous in her red Christmas dress.

So Lieutennant Commander Grandma Meek-Meek posed with the blanket today!

She was so pleased.

I am sorry I was late with the blanket, honey! So sorry!

She didn't seem to mind. I think she is just happy with a little gift for her new grandson.

Alas, I've been itching to get started on my new baby blanket project. Same vagrieted yarn as above, but using a smaller needle. That gives smaller stitches.

I am especially excited because this baby hasn't even been conceived yet.

I am just... anticipating. Just like the prosepective and hopeful parents.

'Tis my way of operating in faith... my way of being supportive.  I just don't know the words to say to be helpful. So instead, I TAKE ACTION. That means start praying and start making a baby blanket. In advance, man!

I'd bought my yarn to work so that I could start on it during my break. 

And here are the beginnings of it.
I'm gonna work on it. And when it's done? Start on another one.

Those parents might have a couple blankets land on their doorstep.

I love doing that, starting on something before the baby is even conceived. I remember a few years ago, one of my journal writing sisters had a dream photo album, and she and her husband were wanting to have a baby and had been working on it for quite awhile. She even had to have some surgery. I teared up watching her stand there and talk about it. I started on the blanket soon after. I gave it to her at the baby shower.

One of my fondest memories is talking to one of my favorite readers about her and her husband's desires to have children and some of the medical things they were having to do...

I remember her announcing that she was pregnant.  And I remember her being in town for a conference and bringing the sleeping baby to my house.

When I am not having a great day, I remember the baby girl's cry.

I remember holding and feeding that baby...

I remember holding her in my arms... the warmth of her body and her breathing.

And I reminesce about how that little breathing baby was once a thought in her mama's mind.

She didn't exist... She was merely a thought.

A single thought.

A thought that had manifested... into something living, breathing and moving.

And I think about that very thought and feeling as I crochet this blanket for this baby... who doesn't even exist yet. He or she is merely a thought right now in the minds of the parents.

And that is very very important. Nothing happens without first being a thought.

A thought is a seed, you see. And our heart is fertile soil.

What a joy just to meditate on that.

A joy to have those thoughts running through my mind... while I crochet.

Yes indeed.


  1. That's a beautiful blanket. I can imagine the love that went into making it. Doc, you are such a thoughtful and supportive friend.

    1. I like making homemade gifts, so that's right up my alley, honey. Plus it's economical. (And I know you like that).

      I am working hard on being thoughtful and supportive. Yes I am.

  2. Wow. I thought I had finished crying yesterday, but this brought back tears, but this time they were of joy. Your thoughtfulness is amazing and your faith is something to admire. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for be so supportive. You are a special person and I'm glad the blog world led me to you.

    1. Keep your faith up, girl. All I know is that I am following along as you blog about it, and thinking how I need to get started on these blanket(s) NOW, and not dilly dally around with it. Because your dream is gonna come true before you know it.

  3. I love crocheting. I cannot wait to get more fancy like you. I still have not done a granny square. I do very basic stitches. Lately my focus has been off so I will crochet for a moment then put it down and do something else. I miss the relaxing feeling of crocheting at times it has helped my clear my mind.

    I like your anticipation. That is cool to make something for someone you haven't met yet.

    1. I am working on putting some action behind my faith. Really.

      I like crocheting too for the therapeutic relief it gives. It helps my prayer time go by pretty quickly. And it helps with my finger joints and the lupus. So that's a good thing.

  4. Kayden takes naps on the blanket you made for him. And tyler uses MY blanket that you gave us for my housewarming. It may seem like just a blanket but really it is thoughtful and to know someone put in that much time and effort on your behalf just makes it sweeter. I'm sure I'll have mine forever.

    1. I need to make Tyler his own blanket. Your blanket is too girly for him!

      Glad you liked the blanket!

  5. My goal is to learn this year how to crochet!

    1. We live in the same city, hon. I can teach you. We just need to get together.

  6. I agree with Serenity. I still have my blanket that my grandmother made for me when I was a baby.


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