Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Freestyles... The Top Cop Edition

It's FRIDAY!!!

It's a beautiful day. No RAIN!

And it's Pay Day.

Lord help me. Ya'll better HOPE I get some work done today. Really.

But I am totally ecstatic today because yesterday our very first African-American female Attorney General Loretta Lynch was elected!


Bout time... they were trying to hold that ALL the way up. But Obama talked about them Republicans so bad that they had to stop hatin' and just do the doggone thing!!

She is a Delta... I did a oooop-oooop just for her to a couple of Deltas. And this is a sin since I am not a Delta. They didn't go off on me, lol. But I know not to do it again!

But it made me happy just to see someone who looks like me become the "Top Cop" of these here United States of America. She just inspired a whole bunch of young girls to believe that they could do the same.

Now... that's the REAL problem, isn't it?

You know I'm telling the truth.

And the truth shall set you free.

Amen. Congrats to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch. I know you will do great things in your short tenure. Make us proud!

I have had a pretty quiet week.  Yesterday,  I went to another agency for some training. I won't say what type, but I pulled some photos off the internet.

Like I said, those are photos off the web. I would probably get hemmed up for taking pictures at the place where I went. But you get the picture. They have some... interesting instruments out here. You can literally find equipment that can do ANYTHING these days. Wow.

The agency we trained at was WONDERFUL. It was almost like someone snatched me out the hood and took me to a wonderful all inclusive luxury resort down in the Caribbean somewhere. It always amazes me how nice some workplaces are. I make sure to take it all in. And I hope to go back. A coworker and I were over there for only half a day, but I tell you... It was a GOOD thang. Oh my!

My workplace isn't as nice and shiny. Heck, you can just throw me in a mudhole and I'd make it work. As long as you give me my check every two weeks, then GLORY. I will be thankful for my little mudhole! (lol, you know I'm working on my gratitude game).

Song of the Week.   I came across an interesting video. It made me sad and happy at the same time.

Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar "Never Catch Me"

Now that was original. I didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. So I did both.

I will be checking out more Flying Lotus.

The weekend is upon me and I don't know much about what I will be doing. Monique and Isaiah Washington have a new movie coming out called Blackbird.

I may go check that out.

I'm going to church. And I will be doing a few chores. I may do my chores tomorrow, as it will be a rainy day. But today is nice. Heck, I may leave early.

We will see.

All  I know is that I am going to have a great week. On purpose.

I hope you do too!

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