Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ten Thursday Thoughts

Time for a few thoughts...

1. I am NOT happy that the 2016 presidential race has begun. Commercials are already starting up. Sigh. So I have to deal with my brain being bombarded with this nonsense for the next 1.5 years. Ugh.

2. I went to Whole Foods last night.  I eat way to much perishable stuff. I would love to be like some folk and go to the grocery store every two weeks. But right now, once a week will  do.

3.  Traffic has been horrific in the ATL for the past few days. I need to leave 10 minutes earlier for work. And lots of new skyscraper condos are going up around my job. This means I have to sit and wait while a random cement truck moves out of the way. Sigh.

4. I need to drink more water! I need to get back up to my 3/4ths gallon per day!

5.  Work is a bit slow and boring right now. I am sharing some equipment with someone else, and it is affording me an opportunity to work on my patience skills (and I do need to work on that. Harder).

6. Lunch today: a huge salad and a side order of blackened shrimp. I wish I would've taken a picture.. I have the 'itis now after eating what felt like 1/2 pound of baby green lettuces.

7. Aunt Flo showed  up today. 10 days early. I have NO idea what that's about. O_o. Maybe it's the seasons changing. I don't know. We will see how I feel next week. Maybe I should write this stuff down somewhere and track it.  Man.  I hope this doesn't mean I am about to go through "The change".  (Yes this is all TMI).

8. I need a nap. Especially with the cool and dreary weather in the ATL. I should be at home.  In my bed. Dozing on and off as I watch Maury... or Jerry Springer.

9. Some cat chewed one of the earbuds wires of my wireless headphones.  I looked into the eyes of both Callie and Mitch and I couldn't tell who did it. I think it was Mitch, as he likes to chew on the ear pieces of my eyeglasses. So I can't fuss at them. I will learn to put my $89 headphones up before I go to bed. Sigh.

10. I already bought another pair of headphones. They were $62. They are not as nice as the $89 headphones. Same brand, one level down. I will treat these new ones like they cost $89, though. Believe that.


  1. I need to up my water intake too. 4-5 cups a day ain't cutting it

  2. Hey girl as far as Auntie Flo goes there is an app for your phone for that Pink pad is the one I use it is free. It track the cycle , flo, symptoms everything.


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