Saturday, April 04, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lucy Jr.

Lucy Junior...

Happy Lucy Junior.

Lucy Junior is 2 years old today.

No, she is much older. She's 16 years old to be exact.

But she's been in MY hands for 2 years. The Original Lucy was totaled. A tow truck driver hit me. It was his fault, but I got the ticket. (Lord knows I was not going to argue with a cop over that. That ticket was dismissed. Yes and amen).

And Lucy Jr... she means so much to me. Not materially, but on a symbolic and spiritual level.

Wrecking the Original Lucy, and having her totaled and turning her over to the insurance company broke me up in ways that's just hard to describe. I've written posts on it, but it my initial responses to the whole thing just knocked me sideways. My immediate response was being thankful that I wasn't hurt. And I sowed a seed at the scene of the accident. I was proud of that. It was my automatic response. But over a weeks time, when I was alone with my thoughts, I was just mentally and physically choked up. And if you know me or have met me, I'm one of the most nonmaterialistic people you will EVER meet. Ever. I have NO designer stuff. The car was designer, a Coach edition, like the designer bags. I always joked that a strap could be put on my car and a dinosaur could carry it as a purse, lol.

So why was the loss of this car bothering me? Afterall, it was JUST a car. I had another car. I spent much time thinking about it. I even wrote a post or two about it, once I got a little distance from it.  God had to really deal with me concerning some things I was thinking about.  He had to help my heart on a deeper level. I was so grateful for that.

Then He did something I know for a fact was all Him.  Lucy Junior showed up out of nowhere. She pretty much fell out the sky. Shocked my socks off...

Yeah, it's just a car.


Lucy Junior was sitting in a kind lady's carport. I caught the car around 15 minutes after it was put up on the website. I remember thinking "Where that come from? And it looks JUST like my car."

There was no serial number. I sent an immediate email asking for the VIN number and I ran it through an auto site. It came up clean, but with low miles. (I remember telling Cowgirl Cre "The car been sitting. This chick been in jail!").

I called her up, and we went on a 15 minute test drive and we had a good cleansing talk. She don't know it, but she was the final point in resolution of my deep emotional issues concerning this car. Heck, I didn't even have to buy the car, as I thought THAT talk was the reason why she and I met. (God sho do send some interesting people across my path to help me.)  I remember praying about how I had felt SO much better after the talk. It was like some type of weight or heaviness had been lifted. I felt alright, even if I didn't buy the car.

She said "I have no idea why I put this car up for sale."

I do. It was destined to be mine. At that moment. That's a church shout right there within itself, when you think of the gravity of the statement.


Lucy Junior is a MUCH better car than the Original Lucy. She had only 84,000 miles on her, 20,000 miles less than the Original Lucy. All the little cosmetic stuff that bothered me about the Original Lucy was not on Lucy Jr.


Lucy Junior came off the assembly line directly AFTER the Original Lucy. What are the chances of getting the next special edition lexus in the series without looking for it?


I was cleaning up one day and found an old rolled up vision board. It was in the closet or in a box, I don't remember. It was from 2008. I unrolled it and took a look at it... Lucy Junior is the car on the vision board... NOT the original Lucy.

All this is interesting. And it has changed the way I look at things, that's for sure. I can really tell when God do some things, because they are WAY over and above what I can even think... and when I do things out of my own performance. Two totally different things.

Every time I sit in Lucy Junior, I think about this things. That's 2 years of a lot of thinking. I spent a lot of time trying to understand such things, even doing a lot of reading last year, because I really want to understand some of the "And suddenlies" that go on in my life.

Lucy Junior is always a reminder of those things. I'm not as shocked when such things happen to me now. I have learned to expect and receive and follow through.


So I just wanted to write a little commemorative post. I've been thinking about it in my quiet time for the past week. The purchase was 2 years in the past, but it stays on my mind. The lesson of Lucy Junior is amazing, if only in my own heart.

Happy Birthday Lucy Junior.  You're more than transportation.

You're a constant reminder of what's truly important.


  1. I didn't know Lucy Jr was on the vision board. How about that?! I think I need to pull out mine and see what is going on with it! LOL!

    Happy Birthday Lucy Jr.


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