Thursday, April 23, 2015

Welcome to Sharbucks!!!


I have drank more coffee in the last couple of months than I have drank in the last 10 years.

That's because my cubicle is in a new area.

The cubicle right across from me contains our bootleg  Star.bucks.

But we call it SHARUCKS!

That's a play on my cubicle mate's name.

And I worked on that sign one Sunday evening. (You didn't know I could do that bootleg graffiti, did you?)  I got tired of cleaning up, so I put on some music, pulled out some markers and a piece of cardboard, and made the sign. We'd been talking about it for awhile, you see.

It was all very therapeutic.

Anyway, back to Sharbucks. It's our coffee shop.

Here's our coffee stand.

There's coffee, tea, and there's that bizarre foo-foo special type of coffee  in the bottom drawer. I never look in there, so I'm not sure what's in there.

How 'bout I look in there and see?

Goodness. What in the world? Pumpkin coffee. Hazelnut cappuccino. Peppermint coffee. Espresso cappuccino.

*ladylee closes bottom foo-foo coffee drawer*

Uh, yes. That's for the special people. Sharbucks has a little something for everybody.

Here's our Sharbucks coffee station.

Nice, but simple. You see we have some Clorox wipes. Can't be getting sick fooling with folks.  We keep Sharbucks clean.

We have our far east therapy thing going on.

While you enjoy your coffee, you can enjoy the nice plant and water fountain. You can barely hear the sound of the water flowing over the rocks, but you can pretend...

There's beautifully framed African art work.

That's Lady M's artwork. She's a nice Caucasian coworker, but she is my "African-American" friend since she spent a couple of years in the motherland. So this is authentic African art she brought back.

Munch on roasted peanuts while you have your coffee.

And  there's some type of butterscotch syrup if you really want to get fancy.

You know, the first time I saw that bottle, I thought... Oh my, who done brought a bottle of liquor up in here??

Ha ha.

There's the sugar, stirrer, and creamer station.

Oh, and there's candy.  People LOVE the candy. I caught a chocolate sale around Easter, so the chocolate goes pretty fast. I tend to mix the contents up every other day to bring the chocolate up out the bottom.

Like I said, I have drank more coffee in the past couple of months than I have drank in the last 10 years.

That might sound like a lot, but it's not. I average maybe 2 or 5 cups of coffee a year. Coffee has always been a rarity. But it's too much. So I've gone and bought some tea.

Turmeric root, lemon, hibiscus, and dandelion root. I keep some of that in my desk since it's not labeled.

It's all good, but that roasted dandelion root tea tastes like some bark straight off somebody's tree. The turmeric root tea isn't as harsh, but for each of those, I have to soften it up with a lemon zinger tea bag.

All that matters is that it's good for me. I can deal with the tree bark taste. That dandelion root tea... all I gotta say is that my kidney ducts are SQUEAKY clean. Wow.

So I have no more than one, maybe two cups of coffee a week. My goal is one cup. And that's going well.

It's a nice little spot. It's our morale builder. Lady M, the namesake of Sharbucks, says it just warms her heart that everyone donates to Sharbucks. If the sugar is low, someone brings sugar. If  the coffee is low, people bring coffee. And so on, and so on.

I myself walked up in here with a whole case of coffee from my best friend LadyTee. She copped it from her cousin. My first question was "Is it hot!?  Did ya'll steal this?"  She looked at me crazy. She had 3 cases and there was no way they were going to drink it.

I had to ask. I would feel bad rolling up in Sharbucks with "hot coffee."

We are bootleg, though. I'm just saying. 

So it's a nice little place. All we need is a barista.

Not sure we can do that. Self-serve will have to do for now.

And that's fine by me.

I hear someone is saying we are too noisy. I'm not sure what that's about, as the cubicle area is usually pretty quiet.

It almost makes me want to stand up and holler "STOP HATING! Can't we have something good for our morale. DANG!"

But I will compose myself. For now.

We will try to be more... quiet.

Whatever that means.

As for now, we'll enjoy our bootleg Star.bucks.

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