Monday, April 06, 2015

Good Sleepy Monday Afternoon

Good Monday Afternoon.

Correction: Good Sleepy Monday Afternoon.

Ugh. I am so tired. I had a doctor's appointment this morning. And it was a stand-in doctor. My doctor is on vacation, and I waited to late to change my appointment. I don't care to talk to strangers about my medical needs. I wanted to say, "Dude... I just want my meds. Stop asking a ton of questions. I am sleepy!"

I was so tired trying to drive the 35 MILES to work. I was so tempted to go back home and take a nap. I didn't sleep too well last night.

Maybe because I lazed away all weekend.

The kittens pretty much had it right:

That's the way it was. All day. All day long.

I did some reading. I washed all my clothes and a little cleaning (definitely not as much as I could have done). On Saturday, I went shopping! Can you believe that. I had a coupon, and I really needed a belt. The belt was $40. I've been eyeing it and thinking about it for a good while. Well, I got the belt, but when the coupon and discounts kicked in, I was able to get a shirt for free (a $45 value). Yay me for couponing!

Man. I don't like shopping, but I need to go shopping more often!

Other than that, it was a chill weekend.

Oh, I messed around and got caught up in a Snapped Marathon. It was one of those things where it was background noise for when I was reading or napping. Anyway, there was one episode that left me O_O.
This lady had killed her husband, then dismembered him, and fried his hands in a deep fryer, and cooked his ribs with some barbeque sauce.


That made me look up from my book and pay attention. She said some ancient gods told her what to do. Wow. I have watched Snapped a good bit over the years, but that one... I thought they made it up, but they didn't.

On tap for the week. WORK.

And we have a new group member. I want to find her and introduce myself, but she is seated in the other building. So I will see her when I see her.

Sister Callie Jo turns ONE tomorrow. So I need to get a post together for her.

I may put up a quote or two from the books I'm currently reading.

And so on...and so on.

Song of the Week. I've been trying to compile my top 10 favorite songs. It seems that the requirement for such is that the songs have to be at least 25 years old. Hmmm. So they were my favorite when I was a teenager. And for me, it's a testament to how awful the current music is. It would take a lot of hard thinking for me to come up with a song from 2014 or 2015 that I really really liked. Sigh.

Here's one of my top 20, though. May or may not be top 10. Keith Sweat's "Make it Last Forever"

Oh come on now. You KNOW you like that song. That was a GOOD song. Even the chick who sang with him could sang. And you know Keith Sweat can barely sing, and it is still a good song.

One of my favorites. Yes it is.

That's it for me. I have finished my lunch, and I have some stuff to do in the lab.

You have a good week... on purpose!!


  1. I love that song by Keith Sweat

    1. Whatchu know about that song? You were barely a toddler when that came out.

      But it automatically makes me stop and sway when I hear it. One of my favorites.


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