Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Freestyles...Brunch Edition


I have been sitting at work sick as a DOG. I don't know what's up. I have a migraine and a fever.   I had some indigestion. All I had was a lettuce pear smoothie. Maybe the juice, which was beet based, I used in my smoothie was going bad. I don't know. I've been sipping water and eating away on orange slices.

I wanted to blink my eyes and be at home. Or I wanted to go somewhere and hurl. You can't do that at work. It will be all over the building. That is fodder for gossip. Fodder for stretched-out embellished gossip. Yes it is.

All I know is that it's too bright up in the cubicle area. I wish I could've casually turned off the lights. But I think that would've upset the other folks in the cubicle area. I could've gone home. But I turned my timesheet in already. And it's a pain trying to adjust it.

I passed out at my desk a couple of times. I remember dreaming strange dreams. I have to remember to take my earbuds out when I nap. It's not good to be listening to talk shows while napping. NO.

I feel better now. A concerned Lady M gave me some extra strength tylenol. That helped the headache. I still feel like hurling. And I still have that fever. I am going home and going STRAIGHT to bed after work. I need to run errands but that will have to wait. 

So.. I need to put up the pics of my sister Kentucky's brunch. It has been in draft all week. I have worked on it here and there. So here you go:

Look at the lovely napkins.
Just like last time, I asked my sister if I could take one of the napkins home.  She said no.  I should've just stolen one. But stealing something from my sister... that wouldn't be nice. Not nice at all.

So in the living room on the coffee table, there were pretty fruit cups!
One of those glasses was empty.  Whoever ate it could've waited until everyone had arrived. But once I tasted it, I could understand. Not only does it look good, it was good. I don't know where my sister gets such fresh fruit, but it was good.

There were cucumber tomato salad cups.

As you can see, one is missing. And I understand that too. I myself smashed two of those. I wanted a third.

Little quiches!
I told my sister I wanted some eggs. She doesn't scramble eggs well. I do. I told her I would. But she ignored me. And that's fine. And these little quiches were very tasty.

Wait...  I took that picture too early, before she added the french toast.

That's awesome. Yes it is.

Fried Chicken! Sausage and bacon!
Not sure what was up with the burnt pieces. But I think The Cowgirl Cre likes it like that. I'm not sure. I thought I heard a whole gleeful conversation about this. I could be mistaken.

Salmon Croquettes!
I taught my sister how to make salmon croquettes. And she does a great job!

And where there's salmon, there's gotta be biscuits.
I was down for the fruit jams. Especially the strawberry jam. Yummy.

And there were grits:

That's from the last brunch. I forgot to take a pic.  But she used the same crockpot and bowls, lol.

Now check this out the desserts: an interesting take on strawberry shortcake.

That was beautiful. And it was good, too. I could've eaten two of those. We were all digging those.

Banana Pudding!!!

Oh see,now. That looked too pretty to eat.   And I didn't have any at the brunch. But when I picked her up the next day, I told her to bring some out to the car. She put it in some tupperware. That was very good. And it had pineapples in it. I'm not sure where she picked up on the idea of putting pineapples in banana pudding, but it worked out well. That was tasty!

And we can't forget the beverages.  Sweet tea and fresh squeezed lemonade. And some of the blackberry liqueur left over from last time.

I took the remainder of the lemonade home. Kentucky found a empty plastic jug and made it happen. I made it last, too.

And here's my sister's birthday gift to me. She keeps forgetting to give it to me.

She seems to think I will be having a brunch of my own. And now she's trying to stock me up on nice serving gear. I would like to have a brunch. But my place isn't big enough. And I suck at entertaining folks. So that's not going down. That all seems a bit stressful.

Ah yes, it was a nice brunch. She does a great job. I wonder when she will announce the next one.

Until next time!

(And yes we are looking forward to it!)


  1. WHAT?????!!!!!! I missed another one. That looks lovely!

    I am not good with hosting either. I wish I was...sometimes

  2. Yes gurl I love sausage with a lil bit of burnt on the ends. LOVE it! I will even request it depending where I am. I can not let my country / ghetto roots out in some settings!! LOL!

  3. Anonymous9:14:00 PM

    Hope you feel better. That brunch looks so good! I love banana pudding.


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