Friday, April 03, 2015

Good Friday Freestyles

Happy Good Friday To You...

'Tis Friday. The Friday before Easter.

And all is well.

Someone asked if I had my Easter dress together, etc.

No, I don't. I don't usually go to Church on Easter. Too crowded. That might be selfish of me, but it will be alright. I go to church on Saturday night anyway. And I will most likely go this Saturday night.

This is a time of reflection and pondering for me. I have made nary an Easter Egg in some 8 or 9  years, and when I did, I made them for little Chayse, who is a preteen now. I think she may even be in middle school.
She was only 2 or 3 at the time, and I hid them in plain view. We didn't have an Easter basket for her, so I handed her an aluminum pan. 

My bushes were small back then.
She was VERY excited about her eggs!!! Very excited!
"Miss LadyLee!! Miss LadyLee!!"

I have eggs!!Look at my eggs! I HAVE EGGS!!" she screeched with waaaay too much glee.

Now THAT made my Easter great, the smile on her face and her eggs. We had a good time that day.

But today, I ponder. I wrote in my diary that "Good Friday" must not have seem so good at the time. But looking at it from an eagles eye view, it was a really a good Friday. The day Jesus died. And then he rose 3 days later. That makes it a Good Friday after the fact.

I pause and think of that. And I am grateful, and thankful.

So as you celebrate this Easter holiday, remember as always the reason for the season... On purpose.

That's it for me.

You have a good Easter... on purpose.

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