Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Sister Callie Jo!


Sister Callie has officially lost her kitten status. She is 1 years old. She is officially a CAT.

I miss when she was a real kitten... A 0.5 pound little bundle of energy that I got for free down in Middle Georgia. A true country cat.

She was so sweet when she was a kitten. Correction: when she was a kitten that was asleep.

I remember when she was spayed, and I remember the awful e-collar she had to wear. 

For some odd reason, she REALLY liked that collar. Just odd.

Callie has freakishly long legs now.
Bored kitty with freakishly long legs.

Enjoy your day, Callie Jo... I know you will get your sleep on.

(Man oh man... I wish I could stretch out on the floor like that... right now.  Right this very moment.  At work. My new boss wouldn't know what to do! LOL)

I am NOT doing anything special for Sister Callie. Maybe I will give her a couple of  kitty treats.  Yeah, I will do that.

Happy Birthday Sister Callie Jo!! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Callie Jo!! MEOWWWW

  2. Happy Birthday Callie Jo!


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