Friday, October 16, 2015

Freestyle Friday FIVE

I haven't been posting. Too busy... or too lazy.


So here's my Friday Freestyle recap of the week...

1.  I talk to my sister everyday. Thank goodness for that. I think we missed one day, but I know she's alright if she posts something on Facebook. Right now she is teaching AND trying to move into her apartment, so that's a bit taxing in a land where there's a language barrier. I told her that by this time next week, she will be all moved in. Take it day by day.

2. Quote of the Week. Something I told my sister:

Eat it like you eat an elephant. One bite at a time.

I remember that quote when I have a bazillion things to do and it gets overwhelming. I make a list and check off as I go. Focus on getting each task done, one at a time. Period. And that brings me to another quote:

3. Quote of the Week, Part 2:

It's gonna get done. Why? Because it ALWAYS gets done.

A classmate and myself came up with that gem while I we were in grad school some 20 years ago. It was a battle cry of sorts. Later, I understood the fear of not getting something done was stronger than the act of not getting something done if that makes any sense. Fear is such a strong root that tends to run super deep. If I kill the root, i.e., deal with the fear, then the tree automatically dies with it. Period.

4. I fell in the shower yesterday. It shocked the cheese out of me. One moment I was standing there, the next I was on my knees in some strange contorted position. I looked up, and Sister Callie walked in. She took one look at me, and at the mess of a fallen shower curtain, and walked out the bathroom. I suppose she thought... You got yourself in some mess, honey. A hot mess.

I paused a moment. Nothing was broken or out of joint. I got up, and it seems as if I have sprained my hamstring. I have a huge knot on one of my shins and on the knee of the same leg. I can't tell you what happened. I think the matt shifted. I am thankful that it was not worse. I was alone. I could still be laying there some 24 hours later in pain. Not good. I have decided to start taking my cell phone in the bathroom with me. If something happens again, I can crawl over to it... I suppose.

My thigh feels better than it did yesterday. I still got the hard zombie walk going on... but it's the walk of a zombie who's trying to blend in with the crowd. So it's better. If it lingers on, I will go to the doctor. Or pop an aleve.

5. I attended a seminar yesterday. It was work related. I work with some pretty expensive equipment (can cost up to half a million dollars), and vendors will rent a conference room for a day and give talks on some of the new innovations of their CSI-type instrumentation. We get free breakfast and lunch at a nice hotel, so that's a plus. I also got a few fresh ideas from the seminar, and that's great!

The hotel was on the north side of downtown. I live on the southside of downtown, some 13 miles away from the hotel, but it took me an 1 HOUR to get there and 1 HOUR to get home. YIKES! It was a stark reminder of how much I hate traffic!

That's it. Five Friday thoughts, the Freestyle edition.

Song of the day. I was listening to this last night. It makes me happy!

I can play that a couple of times while cleaning up the kitchen and get it done fast... all with a smile on my face! LOL

That's it for me. I am looking forward to a good weekend. It's gonna be COLD in the ATL, so I may crank up the furnace to make sure it works.

It feels like the year has just flown by so fast. Before we know it, we'll be hollering "Merry Christmas"!!!

Only 2.5 months left in the year. If you haven't done it yet, get it done.

Even if you have to eat it like you eat an elephant, get it done. 

Whatever your "it" is, get it done... on purpose.


  1. I'm so glad you're ok.
    I still have my jar with change going thanks to you.

  2. That shower fall was scary!! Thank God that you are okay. You are right, it could have been worse. Thank you for the song Great God. I needed to be reminded that regardless of the situation or what things look like, I serve a Great God!!

  3. Girrrlll !! Those grad school sayings!! You used to drill them into me the WHOLE time. I made it through too one bite at a time. :)

    No more falling in Jesus name! I a so glad you are okay. In fact I will be looking for you shortly.

    I remember running around the house after Solomon and started to fall and there was nothing to grab to break my fall. I was going down with no one around but Solomon. I manage to break my fall with the wall to stop that split. That whole thing was scary as heck!


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