Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TWELVE Tuesday Thoughts

Ten, no...

TWELVE Tuesday Thoughts always come with a little trepidation, but I think I can get through it.

1. It has been COLD the last couple of days in the ATL. Brrrrrr....

2. I didn't want to turn on the furnace, but I turned it on to 65 degrees. And believe you me, it was on. That is just how cold it  was.

3. It's so cold at night that Sister Callie Jo has been sleeping on my bed. Last night she caught the heel of my foot right up against her head. She needs to be like Mitch and sleep on the other side of the bed at the bottom. Or under the bed, for that matter. Otherwise, I don't even know where she usually sleeps. Heck, I don't even think Mitch knows.

4. I woke up at 3:33 am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.

5. I make sure to be cognizant of what's on my mind at that time. And I pray about it. My pastor says have a mini church service when you wake up in the middle of the night. Don't just lay there. So I had a mini prayer service, lol.

6.  There has been a hard tinge in my back for the past couple of days. I don't know if that was related to my fall in the shower last week. It was worse than the hamstring issue I'm having. When I sneeze, it hurts like crazy. Interestingly enough, when I woke up in the middle of the night, it was gone. GLORY. I guess that was a mini-church service and a healing service. GLORY again!

7. So I am walking much better now after my fall in the shower. The hamstring is getting better with each passing day. I only have slight problem getting in and out of the car. Just a little bit slower than usual, and I better do it right or you will hear me yell loudly.

8. I was brave enough to walk out for lunch today. I walked to a place some 5 minutes away from our building. There is a small hill also, and I wanted to know how I did on that. I am walking slower than normal, but it's not the zombie or zombie-trying-to-appear-human walk. But people were passing me by on the sidewalk, and I had sad thoughts of  "I wish I could walk that fast..."

Hmm...  These situations always make me think about the things I take for granted.

9. We had a group meeting, just like we do most Tuesday morning. I'm the only woman in my work group. Let me tell you something: I'm about to drown in the sea of testosterone. I know my boss has to be thinking "Man, she looks like she is zoning out."  I am the Queen of sitting in a meeting and letting my mind take me somewhere else far far away.  But the amount of testosterone in the room was a bit.... overwhelming. I need to make of this and find a better way to cope with it.

For this Oldgirl is not interesting in pissing contests. No ma'am. No sir.

10. Highlight of my day #1 - I made chocolate chip pecan cookies for someone's birthday this morning. I place them in a nice brown paper bag, and I draw their name in graffiti. I draw lots of smiley faces on it, too.

I love to get up in the cool of the morning and bake. And then give the baked goods away.

For some reason, this is therapeutic for me. And that's a good thing.

11. Highlight of my day #2 - I was just informed that I am in the acknowledgments of one of my favorite author's new book. GLORY!

12. Quote of the Day.  And I should save this for it's own post, but I will let you chew on it.

Sight is a function of the eyes.
 Vision is a function of the heart


I don't know where I heard that at. I was listening to someone or something while I was writing in my journal, and they said that. I scribbled it frantically in the margins. It is short, but true.

That's it for TWELVE  Tuesday thoughts. Enjoy your day!

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