Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Night Fights


Doing a post on a Monday evening. I wanted to do it this morning, but I got busy. Plus I don't have much to talk about. This was a quiet weekend. I needed to decompress for some odd reason. I catch up on my sleep over the weekend, but this weekend was ridiculous. I slept TOO much. Even Sister Callie Jo and Mitch were like... wow, what's her problem.

Speaking of problems... someone needs to help Sister Callie Jo. She's not doing well with my sister gone. She keeps going upstairs looking for her. She has also been throwing her dry food out of the bowl. (That is really bothersome).

My sister left a pair of her flip flops under the coffee table, and Sister Callie has been guarding them.

She seems to take solace in the shoes. I was going to put them upstairs in my sister's bedroom, as she left a box of things up there. But I decided to just leave them there under the table. 

But her lips are pursed, and she has that look on her face.  It's that look that asks...

"Where is MY person, LadyLee? And why did you take her from me?"

Not my fault, Sister Callie. You just get past it, girl.

But I need her to stop tossing her kibble out of the bowl. That's some craziness right there.

Blessing of the Day. Everyday is a blessing. I meditate and pray about this every morning during my drive to work in the morning traffic. It gives me solace. And several good things have happened today. Glory! One of those is that my coworker provided lunch for me. She cooks some of everything, and occasionally brings me a jar of something special.

Today she brought enchilada soup!

I happen to have a bag of Fritos...


So that was my blessing of the day, amongst many others.

That is it for me. I am looking forward to a great week. I am off one day this week to take Grandma to get her flu shot. She wants to go to lunch afterwards. My sister found an old gift card for Red Lobster, so I think we are going to check that out.

Song of the Day. It's raining cats and dogs down here in my beloved ATL.  I think we are getting the remnants of Hurricane Patricia.

So for days like this, I love to play my favorite rainy day song.  "Nothing Has Felt Like this" By Rachelle Ferrell and Will Downing. Sound quality isn't the best here, but who cares. This is some FANTASTIC singing. That is all.


Really tho.

With that said, have a great week. On purpose!


  1. Oh how I've always loved this song! One if my all time favorites. Right up there with How Do You Keep the Music Playing by James Ingram and Patti Austin. That enchilada soup looks so good. You think she would share the recipe? I'm glad you've received so many blessings today. You deserve them! Poor Callie Jo....

    1. Man listen... that song is all that! Love it! REAL SANGERS! REAL MUSIC!

      I will text you the recipe.

      Blessings Galore! Amen!

      Sister Callie Jo better get her church fan and stop acting out! That's all I know!

  2. Thanks ma! And yaaaasss real music, real dangers! Leave Callie Jo alone! She grieving.. More blessings to you, amen!


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