Wednesday, October 07, 2015

A Special 10 Year Anniversary

On October 5th, I celebrated a very special anniversary. On  that date, 10 years ago, I purchased my first home.

This blog is 10 years old, so it is amazing to go back and read about my feelings so long ago. I was only 35 years old, practically the age my sister is right now, when I purchased  it. It was an interesting time. I'd lived in that particular area of downtown ATL in my early 20s, and it was the best place I'd ever lived. I was a couple of blocks from the ATL zoo, and it took me only 45 minutes to walk to school (17 minute walk to catch the school shuttle at the Braves Stadium). I had an old '73 Chevy Nova, but I didn't drive much. And living in downtown atlanta enclaves put me approximately 20 minutes from all sides of town.

I couldn't afford a house in that neighborhood back in 2005, but I bought a house nearby. There are 4 neighborhoods around there, and I caught a good deal on one. Here's an old picture:

Wait... here's the earliest picture I have:

Look how small the bushes were way back then!

And here's the current picture of my house.

As you can see, the color was lighter earlier on. I recently had it painted. People think it's yellow, but it's peach in color. (Man, you would NOT believe the number of people who argue me down over the color of my house. And they get really O_o when I try to explain the scientific genetic particulars behind why some see it as yellow and some see it as peach).

My bushes are a little higher than the porch because locals know they be trying to look all in my windows as they walk down the street.


I like the paint job. It is amazing how the house looks practically new. It had faded badly.

I know when buying a house, I was concerned about the upkeep of it. There are always things to be do. But little by little, I get it done. I know I've spent at least $10,000 over the past 10 years on upkeep. And that is fine. It's a lot when looking at the amount in one big chunk like that, but that's alright. It all goes with having a house.

I also think about all the things I wanted to do over the years. Sometimes I imagine that if I only had an apartment all this time, I could've traveled the world. Shoulda woulda coulda. But I know if  I lived in an apartment all these years, then I would be thinking the total opposite: If only I had a house. 

But I've managed to travel over the years. I have been able to save and be a blessing to others also.  That makes me happy.

And over the past few months, I've meditated on how God has blessed me to take care of myself  and my home. No, it's not Better Homes and Garden laid out. I don't have the first inkling or notion about decorating anything. But it's mine. And I have maintained. And that's great.

So here's to 10 years in a happy home...

May it continue to be a happy home...


  1. Home ownership is a blessing and a huge responsibility, especially for single women. I just celebrated six years in my home. Congratulations on your ten year anniversary.

  2. Beautiful house Lady lee. Congratulations. Looking good.

    If your mortgage is paid off and you own "free and clear", ... can I have your phone number? ;) (Lol, only half kidding yo.)


  3. Congratulations! Happy House-a-versary!!!

  4. Anonymous12:09:00 PM

    Whoop Whoop! Congratulations!


  5. YASSSS!!!! In a few years, it will be PAID IN FULL!!!!

  6. 10 years!!! That's amazing! And your house is so cute.


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