Thursday, October 08, 2015

Sister Abroad Update #1

So, my sister Kentucky is faring quite well... Here's a pic of her with other teachers there.

That is her in the black and white striped shirt.

They ALL look happy and excited to be there. So that makes me happy!

She was assigned to Al Ain, some 80 or 90 miles east of the capital Abu Dhabi

So of course you know I went and read about the city.

It seems to be rocky desert land...

...containing a plethora of oasis.

That's quite nice.

She arrived there this morning (yesterday our time), and sent a picture from her hotel balcony:

How beautiful and lush is that?!

She is teaching kindergarten and she starts on Sunday. And she gets her apartment next week some time. Hopefully she doesn't have to buy a car, but I am sure she'll find something she likes if she does have to. She's been there for a week, and she's getting accustomed to the place. We've talked a couple of times a day, even on Skype. So that is great.

I still miss her, though. And that's alright.

I am MORE happy that she's seeing  new places and doing great things.


  1. I'm going to really love living a new adventure through your sister so please consider doing regular updates and pics on her time there...and go get you a passport if you don't already have one because I'm going to whoop you if you don't go take advantage of going somewhere awesome by going to see her at least once! :)

    1. I have a passport, Honey!! I've been traveling, just to Mexico, DR, around through there.

      Regular updates as she sends them for sure. We skype everyday!

  2. Have you thought about visiting her while she's there?

    1. Yep! She'll be there 2 years or more, so I have time to go see her. I need her to scope out the place first, lol.

  3. Ms. Ladylee,
    I just became aware of an African-American teachers sorority that exits. They are some form of Deltas. Is your sister a member? My mom was a second grade teacher for 16 years and if she was one of those sisters, she never told me. Just curious.

    1. Not sure. I will have to ask her. She has a business degree, and I remember the business fraternities. But not teachers. But I will ask.


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