Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

It's that time again. Thought time!

1.It is downright NASTY outside. It's dark, rainy, and just on the edge of being considered cold outside. Not a good combination.

2. There was a bad wreck on the main street leading out of my neighborhood. Hence, I was 10 minutes late for work.

3. This wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have a group meeting at 9:00 am. So I arrived at 9:10 am. I didn't miss much of the meeting, and I actually took a full page of notes.

4. I won't lie, though. I'd rather be lay up in the bed all day long when it's all nasty outside. This here is some great sleeping and reading weather.

5. I baked a batch of cookies for a couple of people. There was one birthday and one congrats for a promotion. Here are the birthday cookies.

6. I get so much JOY out of drawing on a bag. What is that about.

7. So I made some cookies for someone last week for their birthday. This person went around showing everyone the bag, when I distinctly said not to, because folks will beg for your stuff, you know. But she went around showing everyone. She was SO happy about them. We figured that folks don't do that much for her. Something like that. And I don't consider us friends, so I guess that means much when someone gives you something.

8. Sharbucks is fully stocked today!

People love junk food. Junk food is cheap. Oh well.

I do buy a bag of apples for our hospitality table up front every once in a while. But people love some junk.

9. I didn't bring lunch today. It was all I could do get out and get to work early. And I may not go get anything since it is raining. I may just sit here and eat the apple and orange I have here in my cabinet.

10. I have had a long day in the lab. I love it when the time flies by like this! That means it's time to go home.

That's it for today. I have been back and forth between my desk and the lab fooling with this post.

Finally done!

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