Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy COLD Monday Morning

It is Monday morning.

And it is COLD.

Specifically, it is 35 degrees in my beloved ATL.

35 degrees!

But you know what the silver lining is here?

There's NO rain. And it's going to be sunny all week long. Cold and sunny, but sunny all week long!


And you know what? That's all I can ask for. Because after all that rain? I didn't think we would EVER see the sun again. EVER.

Alas we see it. On Thanksgiving week, no less.

And this is a 2 day work week for me! So good, so good, so good!!

I didn't post much last week because I was so busy. It is rare that my mind is tied up in scientific things and I'm all O_O. I was learning a new procedure from someone who only gives 10% of the instructions and then the other 90% must be figured out on my own. I can't stand that. I am very detailed. Stop being nebulous, dude. So I was working hard on that. It got to the point where i would just come home and go to bed.

I told my boss the other day "My bullshit antennae is sky high and you need to make me feel better about what I'm doing."

And you know what? He did. Then the other boss came along and made me understand more. So now I have a correct state of mind to work out of. Thank goodness for that.

(I know that probably doesn't make much sense. Oh well).'

Look who I ran into the other day:

Snake! The self-appointed "Mayor" of my Hood! And the Poet Laureate of my blog. Just search his name in this blog and plenty of posts and poems come up.

I see Snake from time to time. I just don't get much of a chance to stop and talk, as I am driving and/or he is on his way somewhere. Well, I saw him in the middle of the day last week, on Veterans day, I believe. I happen to be off that day. He came running at me, his hands waving all over the place.

"LadyLee, I need some help!"

"Wassup," I said.

"I need to fill out a job application, but I need to do it on the computer."

I was silent, wondering what it had to do with me.

"I don't have a computer, can I use yours."

"Yes," I said. Stop through in another hour.

He was happy, his toothless grin wide. "Thank you so much!"

"No problem," I said as I sped off down the road.

I have my regular laptop and a netbook I rarely use around the house, so I figured I would just charge up the netbook and just let him sit outside and use my internet to do his application.

(At the same time, I was hoping he wouldn't run down the road with my stuff and sell it...)

He rang the doorbell and I handed him the netbook. He stared at it.

"What?" I asked. "Just sit out here on the porch and use it."

"Ladylee," he hollered. "I don't know how to use a computer or the internet."


"No, I don't. You have to help me."

So he came in and we sat at the dining room table and I pulled up the website and typed in all his information. It took all of 15 minutes."

"Thank you so much. I knew you would help me."

And I was glad to do so. It was such a simple thing to me, but it meant much to him. I can't imagine people not know how to use the internet. He actually had a cell phone, and he already had a gmail address, so that's a good start. But I remember the internet wasn't popular until I was well into my grad school years. It took much to get accustomed to even then.

I learned from him that the guy who takes care of my yard is locked up. My yard looks a mess right now. Thank goodness it's cold, because I can just take care of it myself. My yard man Wayne got caught running up in a house under construction. I guess they caught him running out with something. And I haven't seen him in a few weeks.

"I will go bail him out if it will cost less than $15," I said.

That's how much I pay to have my whole yard, front and back, done: $15.

Snake said, "Uh, more like $1500 or so."

Oh well. I won't be seeing Wayne no time soon. I even spent time cutting and shaping my hedges in the front yard. Oh well.

I need my leaves raked now. I'm going to just pull out the leaf blower and work it out. I can do it. I know I can.

And that will be my goal for my 5 day holiday weekend: straighten out my yard. That looks to be a combination of some leaf raking and grass cutting. I will spend no more than 30 minutes a day on it. That is all. Good enough. I would take a before and after picture of it, but honestly, it's not all that bad and may not be that much of a difference. Once I rake leaves, they will continue falling, but I have to at least stay on top of it.

Fun, fun, FUN!

I have a ton of half done posts that I want to put up. So I will jumping through those. I need about 45 more posts to surpass last years total, and that shouldn't be a problem.

Song of the Week. What is up with that Drake song? The Hotline Bling.

I say that because I saw the video, which was... interesting. But it samples something. And I remembered which song. MC Hammer's "Why can't we live together"

But it turns out that the Hammer song samples another song: Timmy Thomas "Why can't we live together"

Now, Drake's song sounds closer to Timmy Thomas' version. But Hammer's version stuck closer to the message of the original song. Drake's version is in the direction of some thotness.  Nothing wrong with that. Just a sign of the times, I suppose.

LOL. Can we please get some original music... Please.

Uh, no.

And it's okay.

Because I am the The Original Oldgirl. And that's all that matters.

This is Thanksgiving weekend! Please take a little time to ponder your year and what you're thankful for.

If you do, you will find out there's so much. So so much.

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