Monday, November 09, 2015

Monday Night Randoms

It's Monday!

I have decided that Mondays are now officially my BEST day of the week.

No particular reason for that... just need to do something different. This will be a GREAT day. Period.

The only thing that would make it better is if it would just...




I remember the sun shining this past Thursday morning. I remember because I made sure to open the sunroof and I let down all the windows despite it being a little chilly out.

And that is the last time I remember some sunshine. That is it.

This weekend I was staring out the window at the falling rain right along with Sister Callie and Mitch.

They were interested in the birds, squirrels, and  I was wishing for some sunshine.  

Politricks. So the story of the week has been Ben Carson and his uh, hard stretching of the truth.

Sir. First of all, you need to stop whining.  Don't be going HAM when you been all super soft and sensitive. Stop it, I say.

Second, you need to call Herman Cain, Michael Steele, Colin Powell, Alan Keyes, and JC Watts and have a few heartfelt conversations.

What is up with the Republican party and Black republicans? Not any Black republicans, but black republicans who look like they may attain a bit of upper level power?

Why is Ben Carson doing all this whining? History is only repeating itself. Sir, you been in the lead for a minute... They are gonna stick a telescope up your life and examine EVERYTHING.

They are doing with everybody. But it looks a bit suspect when they do it with him. I am only thinking that because of what happened with Cain last time around. They went and conjured up one of his mistresses. End of story.

They are combing through the details of Carson's book. And a lot of it is a bit... stretched.

I don't think he will be in the race for long, but I didn't expect anything as simple as the details of his books to be scrutinized.

Now I raised an eyebrow when he told the Popeyes chicken store robbery story a couple of weeks ago... I found it odd because he is a Seventh day adventist. And most of them practice vegetarianism.

So if he is made out to be a liar, well, that's not going to go down with his adoring Evangelitical base. He should be alright because his base doesn't trust the media, so if he spins it right, he will be okay. But make no mistake: all of this is initiated by the Republican party. Period. Same patterns of operation.

He still needs to have some convos with some high level black republicans. They tend to get treated like crap. Not sure what that's about, but I don't know why Carson should be any different.

Anyway, that is all I got to say about that.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out. And it looks like it is time for me to take another news break. Sigh.

 My prediction: They gonna clear out all these top jokers.  Repub ticket will be Bush/Rubio.  Democratic ticket will be Hillary Clinton/Julian Castro.

Oh yeah.... Hills has had a convo with Castro. And if he is on the ticket, all the repubs gonna pass out.

Because someone with another funny name on the ticket for the white house, uh that's too much. Way too much.  But if she puts a popular hispanic person on the ticket, the White House is hers. The repubs have alienated everyone. That's on them.

Those are my political thoughts.

I had lunch Saturday with Jo Garner, one of my favorite authors. I am reading her book Banner of Love.

 This is the sequel to Solomon's Blues.

I absolutely LOVED Solomon's Blues. I reviewed it a couple of years ago. 

And I love love love Banner of Love. What a befitting sequel. And it has been just the best rainy day read ever.  I spent all day finishing it up.

So it was great to have lunch with her. I liked catching up and talking about writing.

I will finish up Banner of Love tonight. And I will call her and harass her about it!

Song of the Week.  Since it's raining... Oran Juice Jones "Walking in the Rain"

And then there was that awful answer song  "Thunder and Lightning".

Both songs were great back in the early 80s, when I was 13. We were stoked!

Not so much now. But I think of "Walking in the Rain" when it's all dreary outside.

That is it for me!

Have a great week.

On Purpose!

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