Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

1.  People are always talking about how much they loved The Cosby Show.  It was great, but not all that realistic to me. I loved 227 more.

2.  I spoke with my sister for 2 hours on Sunday. Thank goodness for Facebook free calls in messenger. Our phone bills would be a mess if it wasn't for that and Skype. Glory.

3. I am loving the sunshine and cool weather we've been having for the past 3 days. Glory again.

4. I do believe Sister Callie needs a therapist.

5. That sounds like it will cost too much. So she needs to do what I've been telling her to do. "Just lay out in the floor and have a good cry, Sister Callie. A good long cry or a good scream."

6.  Mitch just sits and stares. But he does have that look in his eye that says "There was an interesting person that lived upstairs. It's not fair that you took her from Sister Callie."

7. Folks are highly upset with President Obama's speech about ISIS yesterday. He was too subdued. I swear, we know we like to be entertained, like this is an action movie or a reality show. Personally I think he had his poker face on. Handle this tomfoolery and tell us about it later, Mr. President.

8. I received a quote for a chemical I need early next year. 1 gram is  $3200.00.  There's a multigram discount, so 10 grams is $28,000. My goodness. That's like, new car prices. Shoot, that's cocaine bricks in the trunk prices.  I think I will just purchase the 1 gram amount and make it last.  I only need 15 milligrams at a time. I may have to use what I need and store the rest waaaaay in the back of our -80 degree celcius freezer.  Waaaay in the back. 

9.  My boss wants to order the personality tests for our group. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. No telling what he will find out about us.  I wonder if I can cheat on it?

10. Someone asked me what my favorite Madonna song is.  It is "Where Life Begins" from the 1992's Erotica CD. That was a rated R CD and this is a rated R song. So I will just post the instrumental.

Don't look at me in that tone of voice. I was a crazy 22-year old when that came out! LOL.

Madonna know she be going through some things. Over 30 years after her music career began, she's STILL ratchet. She does manage to reinvent herself over and over, though.

That's it for 10 Tuesday thoughts.   I will holler tomorrow!!

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