Friday, November 27, 2015

FIFTEEN Friday Freestyle Thoughts

I want to post today. So here I go. This was going to be a five friday thoughts.

1. It is FRIDAY. And I have been off since Tuesday. I love waking up and laying in bed and thinking of what I would like to do. I can even go back to sleep if I want to. Glory!

2. I had absolutely no plans. Of course as always, I have these grandiose ideas of all the wonderful things I would do. I may get around 10-25% done. And I celebrate that like I got 100% done.

 Tomorrow, I MUST make some plans, though. I think I will just wake up and shower and get dressed early enough. Then get on out of here. I have a Walmart list that's pretty long. But I didn't want to get out today and have to fight anyone over TV... while I didn't even want a TV. I was only on my way to the aisle where the paper towels are. Sigh.

So hopefully it is fine tomorrow.

3. I have been on this sofa dozing in and out. I did manage to finish reading a very good book, though.

4. I have managed to get a few chores done around the house. Trash has been taken out, kitchen has stayed pretty cleaned, and laundry is in the midst of getting done.

5. The Unsung marathon on TVOne is giving me LIFE today. Awesome.  So far, the only new episode I've seen is the Chi-lites episode. I have missed most episodes from the last 2 seasons. Hopefully I will see some of those tonight.

6. I had phone conversations with several people over the last couple of days. I spoke with Grandma for awhile. I also had my usual convos with my sister. And my best friend always goes on a cruise during Thanksgiving, so we talked before her ship sailed.

7. When I am off like this, I get my full compliment of journalling done. That means 3 full college-ruled pages per day. I am getting much out of that. Since December 24th of last year, I have done 575 pages of journallng. I should make 700 pages by the end of the year. That is my goal.

8. My neighbor keeps cranking up his LOUD motorcycle. He keeps leaving and coming back and leaving again. Man. I would call the police, but you KNOW that ain't gonna happen. (He is white so he will be alright, though. Lord have mercy, too bad we think like that. Sigh.).  I looked out the window and he's simply trying to fix his truck. It looks like he is tinkering with it, running to get something for it, and coming back and working on it again. I hope he gets it fixed. He can rev up his motorcycle all he wants. I know what it feels like for a car to break down.

9. I just drank some sweet tea. That means I may be awake ALL nigh long. Sigh.

10. Overall, I am enjoying this time off. It is giving me time to decompress and think. I am taking a week off for Christmas, and I am already looking forward to that.

11. I really want to see the movie Secrets in Their Eyes. But it's not getting the best reviews.

12. I want to see Creed. I heard it was good. And I love Michael B. Jordan. He is a great actor.

13. I am up in the air about seeing the new Hunger Games. That third and final book was SO depressing. I know they will clean it up pretty good for the American public who loves happy endings, but I'm not rushing to see it. Besides, LadyTee wants me to wait until she gets back from her cruise so we can go see it together.

14. I am thankful that we didn't have any terrorist attacks in the USA on Thanksgiving. It is just another example of how the media likes to instigate a fear mentality in us. I'm not buying it.

15. Just think, this time next year we will have a new president-elect. Hopefully it's not Trump or Carson. My money is still on a repub Bush/Rubio ticket and a Clinton/Castro ticket. I can live with that. But not with Trump or Carson. You would think that we are smart enough not to elect folks who are blowing a dog whistle signalling that they gonna do some concentration camp tomfoolery. But like they always say... history tends to repeat itself. Sigh.

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  1. Anonymous4:03:00 PM

    I saw Secret in Their Eyes. It was ok. No big deal. Hunger Games was alright also. I think the movie was too long.


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