Sunday, November 01, 2015

Quote of the Weekend

Most weekends when I don't have any major plans, I tend to make a to-do list of chores I need to get done that day. There are usually ten items at the most. Any more than that becomes overwhelming.

A decade ago, I read in one of my spiritual books that if you make a list, put a time constraint on the tasks. This has been helpful, but it can be overwhelming. I tend to do that sometimes. It reminds me not to get bogged down.

Today list, made on the first day of November was simple enough. It included:

1. Change both kitty litter boxes
2. Living room -15 minutes
3. Wash sheets
4. Make up bed.
5. Mend comforter
6, Kitchen-10 minutes
7. Proofread LadyTee's class paper before 8pm
8. Drink my water
9. Have a green smoothie for breakfast
10. bathroom-10 minutes

A couple of those things are not really necessary to write down. But let's just say that I picked up this habit from my mother. And I saw one of the things on her list was "drink wine".


Anyway, the above list isn't the subject of this post. I think it gives you a little insight into my days at home though. And this was a particularly bad rainy weekend. Atlanta is set to get 2-3 inches of rain this weekend and Monday, and the sound of hard driving rain on the roof makes me believe that is the truth. 

I have a notepad that I place these to-do lists in. I have 2 or 3, but none of them were at hand this morning. Luckily I have tons of scrap notepads laying around. I found one this morning, and I saw an interesting quote scribbled hastily on one of the pages. I may or may not have posted it, but I don't remember doing so. Heck, I don't even remember writing the quote, much less where I heard or read it. 

But it was a good one, nevertheless. 

Life is a bunch of decisions, and a decision is an open pathway to reality. And each decision has some fruit attached to it. 

That is chalked full of... a whole lot of stuff.

But ain't it the truth.

And you know why that caught my eye. You know how I feel about seeds and roots, trees and fruit.

A decision is like a tree, and the consequences of that decision are the fruit.

Enough said.

I've been pondering that quote all day as I cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the kitty litter, and drank my water...

Any and all decisions I make have consequences.

In other words, any and all decisions I make have fruit attached to it.

It could be bad fruit. Or good fruit.

Any which way it goes, we eat the fruit.

Enough said.


  1. Great quote to ponder.

  2. Hey Ladylee!! I make a to-do list weekly of chores to get down. Therefore, I don't wait or have pressure to do it all on one day. Spread it out through the week works for me.

  3. Sometimes there's stuff to do "down the road" that you don't want to forget. Once in a while I make a "super-list" with 15-20 to do items. I hold on to the list for several days and knock stuff out over time. Example: I may have to renew my car registration but it doesn't have to get done soon so I write it down and eventually get it done.

    A lot of items may not be a bad thing once in a while.
    Just sayin'.


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