Thursday, December 03, 2015

A Milk and Cookies Picture Show

Man oh Man, I have been trying to post!

But blogger is not making me great... I couldn't load pictures. They have a new system, so I THINK I may have it figured out. I think.

Anyway, my brother Milk and Cookies posted some pictures. I snatched them up. And here they are.

I am a gal that loves goatees, but I don't like them on him. I still see him as 3 years old. I want him to have a clean face with no hair. And I want his voice just as high as it was when he was 3 years old.

And here... I don't know what he's doing....

We can't call him Milk and Cookies here. He is more like a T-bone Steak and malt liquor. And he looks like you best not come at him with a bunch of mess because he is NOT having it.

Not today. Not ever.

But this picture... I love this picture!

Milk and Cookies and his boys.  Milk and Cookies with his megawatt smile!  I don't see how he's smiling that hard on an ice skating rink.

My sister visited him and the fam earlier this year and she said it was such a delight to go back through my 10 years of blog pictures and show his kids all the pictures of their Dad when he was younger.  She said they came across a picture of him and my favorite author Tayari Jones. Back in 2006, we'd gone to see her give a reading at a local book festival years ago. Milk and  Cookies was 18 or 19 at the time.

When his older son saw that picture, my sister said that he said, after a hard gasp, "THAT'S NOT MY MOMMIE!!!!"

"Lisa," my sister said. "If you would've heard that hard  gasp of breath. I had to turn around to see what was wrong with him."

"THAT'S NOT MY MOMMIE!"  he wailed.

My sister had to calm him down and explain that that picture was taken years ago.

"Look at him,"  she said. He's young. That was before he was with your mommie."

"You're right, that's an old picture" our nephew said. "My Daddy doesn't look like that now. He looks old in the face now."

Thank goodness for my sister. She teaches that age group. That could've all gone pretty bad.  But it didn't.

It was a teachable moment.

And funny at the same time. I told Tayari about it. We got a good laugh out of it.

Milk and Cookies is growing up!


  1. Wow. He is a grown man. Time sure flies. I am cracked up at the old in the face comment by your nephew. Kids are funny.

  2. Wow, Ladylee... I started reading your blog when Milk and Cookies had no facial hair and I was still maried and DINK, I now have a second grader, single mother, still married...I'll try to file those papers before the end of January.


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