Thursday, December 24, 2015

Twelve Thursday Thoughts... The Christmas Eve Edition

'Tis Christmas Eve! And I am happy for it.

Mostly because I am enjoying just being off. Although I am thinking about work. Sigh.

Work will have to wait.

Right now, I need to do my twelve Thursday thoughts. Some of these are Christmas related, most are not. But that's good. They are thoughts, right off the top of my mind.

1. I had a house guest overnight... Serenity23. She was traveling from Charlotte to her hometown in Lousiana, and I am a midpoint stop. I was happy to have her. Next best thing to having my sister here. Although she wouldn't allow me to cook for them. (Humph). But it was cool just having her here, as she has never been to my house. (This made me nervous, as I am not fabulous like her. I live like a squatter).

We didn't talk much, as she was on a mission, but just seeing her bought a tear or two to my eyes. Seeing her felt like God's Christmas gift to ME. Thank you, Lord. You know what I need and when I need it.

She left earlier today. Safe travels, OldGirl!

2. I just got a recorded call reminding me that I have an appointment at the breast clinic on Monday. My oh my. I have visions of myself holding up my arms and having my breast examined. This is all so strange. I hope I don't need a mammogram. Oh my.

Merry Christmas to me.

3. I will add this to my goals list for my 10 day vacation period, this breast exam stuff.   The list isn't long, but it's a good one. It is something important that all women over the age of 40 need to do.

4. I want to read 2 books during this time off. The book I'm reading this week is The Man Curse by Raqiyah Mays. This is a great book and I have had to force myself to put it down so I can get some other things done. I was looking for a breezy fiction read, but this book is haunting me, hitting a little too close to home concerning my relationship, or lack thereof with my mother. I can tell I will be thinking about this book long after I have read the last word.

5. I don't have much of an appetite. I am eating, but I have pretty much skipped dinner the last two days. I wonder what that is about?

6. I will be glad when the day comes when everything doesn't have to be about Donald Trump. It is like having to watch or listen to a 7th grader. Lord help us if he becomes our President and I have to listen to him complain and listen to him insult people for the next 8 years.

7. "Let's take our country back!! Let's make America great again!"

Such interesting slogans, but what do they really mean. Sounds like some very scary dog whistling going on.

8. Back before my sister left, I was afraid I was going to have the worst holiday season. I already don't like the holiday season anyway because of the materialism. But my sister and I have spent our holidays together over the past 10 years, I suppose. Just me and her. So I was a bit antsy. But then I realized how selfish I was being. And I can't be that way.  And my holiday season has been just fine. Fun, relaxing and most of all, positive.

I am learning the actual thing and the fear of the actual thing are two different things. When I spent time dealing with the fear of not having my sister around for the holidays, I spent time dealing with the root of the problem: the fear. I have no fear of being without my sister for the holidays... therefore my holidays are pretty happy ones. Does that make sense?

9. Speaking of my sister, I spoke with her for about an hour today on facebook messenger. (Did you know that you can call or do video chats for free? Wow). She is spending the Christmas holidays in Dubai. She split the hotel cost with another teacher. They were going to go clubbing this evening, but she looked up the club and it's not her thang. I told her that she won't find her type of music anywhere, as EMF is the club music of choice. Plus the place is a haven for prostitutes, and I know she ain't down for that. Her teacher pal went there with his boys. She called me instead. And I am glad of that. Always good to talk to my sister, even though it was 1 am at the time. (4 pm for me!)

I am interested to know how the guys liked that club, lol.

10. Sister Callie Jo and Mitch are a nervous wreck. Sister Callie don't like people (except for my sister), and it wrecked her nerves for other people to be in the house. (I rarely have people over).  I am JUST now seeing her late this afternoon, as she's been hidding out in the boxsprings of my bed. I could hear her maneuvering around under the bed while I was trying to sleep.

Mitch tried to hang, but Serenity's boys chased him all around the living room and kitchen, he had that look of "To hell with all this. They tryna kill me."

Needless to say, he hid out with Callie Jo. He slept on the bed this morning, thoug. Callie stayed hidden.

"Callie, I know you under that bed with your legs crossed 'cause you gotta pee! You better go do your business while everybody is sleep!"

It was great fun to watch. Wish I had a video of it all, lol.

11. I am going to spend the day with LadyTee and her family tomorrow. They are doing absolutely nothing. I plan to throw on some sweats and go do absolutely nothing with them. They have been cooking all day. Let's just say I'm going to make sure to take a few choice pieces of tupperware with me. I will be loading up some of that good traditional food because you know I'm not going to cook it.

12. I will get up on Christmas morning and do what I've always done on Christmas morning: bake cookies. I will do it while I watch a movie. I think I will do it while I do my morning journalling. We will see.

Nope. Why break tradition? I will watch a movie.

Those are my 12 Christmas thoughts. I have so many more! I will save them for another day: )

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  1. Anonymous9:32:00 AM

    I'm so glad you saw Val and her boys! I'm jealous!



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