Tuesday, December 29, 2015

LadyLee Favorite CDs of the Year

I listen to a TON of music.

I listen to a TON of ratchet music, most of which I wouldn't care to post.

But I want to mention 3 CDs I loved this year. And when I say "loved", I mean that I could listen to them from first song to last song without skipping a song. How rare is that?

#3 Reality Show by Jazmine Sullivan

This was a concept CD, sort of. She writes such great characters and turns them into great songs. Abused woman, Woman on Drugs, Jilted woman. And plenty more.

Favorite song on the CD: hard to pick but I like "Mascara"

Bonus song for reader Ginae, since I know she really likes this cut.

I like that one too... Every woman wants to feel that way about her man. Yes. Amen.

#2 Sound and Color by Alabama Shakes

I'm not sure what made me listen to this CD. Spotify posts up all the new CDs on Fridays and I just happen to listen to it. Blew me away, it did. And lately, the title cut has been used by Apple to promote their new IPad, and it was also used at the end of a show I watched the other day.  But I like every song on this CD. I can't say I am a fan of Southern Rock, but it does help that a sista fronts the band.

Favorite song on CD: "Sound and Color"

Folks didn't really hear this song until the Apple commercial. But this CD came out in March, I believe. And I am surprised they haven't continued the storyline in this video because there are at least a couple more sci-fi like tunes on that CD.

#1 To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar. 

I LOVE some Kendrick Lamar. Oh my. I think it's because he's not run of the mill. And it seems like me and the over 40 crowd like him. I'm just happy that someone is making some music that makes a little bit of sense. And I like concept CDs and this one was put together in the best way ever.

Favorite song on CD: I like all of the songs. But I will have to pick one.


Honorable Mentions.... Some of my other favorites of the Year:

Sour Soul by Badbadnotgood (with GhostFace Killa)
B4.DA$$ by Joey Bada$$
Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd
Rodeo by Travis Scott
Summertime '06 by Vince Staples

I don't listen to these CDs top to bottom. I like only a few cuts. Usually 4 or more is good enough. I grab what I like and throw it in a playlist.

I am sure there are other CDs that should be in the honorable mentions category, but those are the ones off the top of my head!


  1. Oh yaaas that Jazmine Sullivan cd stays in heavy rotation in my car! Now I'm trying ti figure out how you knew thst Let it Burn was my fav song on there...when did we talk about that? I need to listen to some of those other cds you posted. I love music so much. Indeed one of God's many blessings and gifts to us.

    1. You posted it on Facebook earlier this year.

      And that CD is the only one of two CDs I bought this year! Well worth it!!

    2. You posted it on Facebook earlier this year.

      And that CD is the only one of two CDs I bought this year! Well worth it!!

  2. Ah...ok I remember doing that.


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