Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sister Callie Jo Blues

Poor Sister Callie Jo...

She is still struggling with my sister Kentucky, her "special person" being gone.

She doesn't care for people, but she became attached to my sister.

So her struggle continues. My sister left a pair of flip flops, and Callie Jo has been carrying them around. I can usually find her somewhere near the flip flops. She even carries them around. And she lays somewhere near them most of the time.

Poor Sista Callie. All splayed out on the floor showing her bizness. Forever hanging on to the flip flops.


I notice that she observes when I go in and out of the front door. This is a rarity since I use the door that goes out and down into the garage more frequently. But she has been highly observant.

I placed a step ladder near the door. I put up another set of paper blinds, as she had tore up the last one trying to catch a fly or something. (I refuse to buy curtains or blinds. I have had blinds and curtains destroyed by cats. Sigh).

Sista Callie had some ideas.

She'd been studying me closely. And she was going to open that door!

She tried hard to turn it with her paws. Then she would try to wrap her mouth around the doorknob and open the door. Hilarious!

But what got me was her deadbolt action.

She worked hard on that. To no avail, of course. After about 15 minutes, she gave up.

Oh well.

I wonder how she will act when my sister comes back.

I have no idea.

At least she has her shoes. That will have to do for now.


  1. Awwww that is so precious!!!!

    1. Only when she is being still...

  2. she really was feeling Kentucky! I too am curious how she will react when she comes back. Why do you think she got so attached to her? Did Kentucky give her extra attention or something? Does your sidter miss Callue Jo too?

    1. My sister is a very calm person. I am not. I think Callie liked that. So Callie would crawl all over her, etc. That don't happen with me!

      Even Oscar Tyrone treated my sister and myself differently. He would save his strong meows only for her. He only whimpered for me, lol.

      And yes, my sister misses Callie too. :(

  3. Anonymous1:02:00 PM

    Your pictures of Callie Jo are hilarious! I can't believe she's trying to open the door.



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