Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Freestyles


And better yet, it's PAYDAY!

I've lost track of paydays for the past couple of pay periods. That almost NEVER happens, and I think it is because we have to turn them in dirt early.

And there are like, only two more Fridays before the New Year.

So... that means the year is almost over. That means if you ain't got all your goals taken care of by now, then you still got a little time to get 'em done!

It's amazing that this is the 352nd day of the year. This year went by in a flash. Too fast.  And there are many things I wished I would've done this year, like take a vacation of some sort. I may take a couple next year. I know I want to go see my sister this time next year. And I want to go see my brother.

But right now I am reflecting on the events of the past year. And I am thinking about my personal internal "Stuff" for the year.  This makes for some introspective blog posts, and I am thinking about that. So look out for some food-for-thought posts... maybe.

Picture of the Week. Sister Callie Jo and Mitch on the lookout...

 There were a TON of birds in the yard earlier this week. So the cats were very interested and alert to this. Mitch has his paw on the window sill like he's ready to go get them all. LOL.

CD of the Week. I have been enjoying Erykah Badu's new mixtape all week.

That CD cover... hmm... It is quite eclectic, it is. But the CD is very good. She hasn't put out anything in 5 years, so it good to have this offering. It is short, and it is a concept CD. Everything is about a telephone, and it is all pretty much an answer record to Drake's "Hotline Bling".

Two Songs I like...

She even did a song with Andre 3000.

I know their son is 18 years old now. And it's always good when your baby daddy can drop a verse on your record. That's great!

Anyway, I am looking forward to the weekend. And next week is only a two day workweek for me. Then I am off for the rest of the year.  I am excited about this, as I have many special projects lined up. I suck at making up longterm and midterm goals, but readers BOP and Sasha said they did, so I have also been working on that.  I wrote most of them out on a piece of cardboard.  I plan on hanging that on those on the wall and crossing them off as I go.

I'm not sure why I'm even coming into next week at all. I've been working on a new lab method for cigar analysis, and I am pretty much done with that. We have a huge project cranking up in January, so I am good and ready. I also  have some training out in California in January, and I need to make sure my preliminary stuff is done for that in the system. And I guess I will clean off my desk, too. So there are always things to do.

That's it for me. This has been a quick lunchtime post. I meant to post something last night but my laptop froze at home. I think it overheated. I didn't care, so I went to bed. (Seems like it may be time to get a new one... hmm).

Have a good weekend... On purpose!

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  1. Anonymous12:53:00 PM

    I was shocked when I saw my name in this post. Lol. I did my 2016 goals last week. I'm wondering if I want to do another vision board. I still have the jar of coins I copied from you. I'm going to change it to cash next week.



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