Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Baking Cookies (Parchment Paper Chronicles)


I bake a lot of cookies. Not to really eat them, as I want only one or two if I do bake a batch. But it makes for a cheap gift and a quick potluck offering. And you know the holiday season is the time for potlucks.

I mentioned this to my best friend LadyTee. She knows I make cookies, as I have made many for her and her family for the holidays and on other occasions.

But I told her that I was doing something differently now. I was using parchment paper to line my cookie sheets instead of aluminum foil. For some reason, this excited her.

"I see parchment paper at the Dollar Tree! I'ma pick you some up the next time I go."

The Dollar Tree. I tend not to run up in there because I always spend more than a dollar. And parchment paper from that place... I just don't know.

"I'ma get some for you," she kept saying.


Well, she bought it, and she'd forgotten to give it to me the last couple of times I've seen her. So let's just say she was more than excited to give it to me when I arrived at her house before her graduation.

"Here you go," she hollered as she handed the bag of parchment my way.

"She's been hollering about this parchment paper something awful," I said to her mother.

Hmmm...This is definitely dollar tree paper.

That packaging looks like something out of the 1970s.  And I noticed to felt a little thinner than the parchment paper I buy from the grocery store (I pay around $2.50 for that parchment paper). But I used it for a batch of cookies I made on Tuesday morning. What's nice about it is that it fits my cookie pans just right, whereas my regular brand is a couple of inches wider.

I was worried about it being thin. And it did turn beige while baking.

That was alright, which meant I just needed to watch it. And I needed to make sure I didn't turn it up too high.

Then I made the last batch. I left those in the oven too long.

The paper wasn't good for that. It became all brown and dried out around the edges.

LadyTee and I had a good laugh about that.

"Thanks for the parchment paper, girl," I said. "I just better not heat it up past 400 degrees or leave it in the oven too long. Might burn up on me."


I am happy for the paper. It saves me a little money, as I will not have to buy any for awhile.

And there's nothing like saving some money.


  1. Ladylee,
    Paper in the oven? I'm thinking even a little below 400 degrees it would catch on fire. Special qualities to parchment paper? This is new to me.
    Btw, I was fixing my car muffler tail pipe and ended up using aluminum foil on the pipe and catalytic converter (with other materials). Working okay so far.

    1. No... you're not suppose to heat parchment paper above 400 degrees. But the paper turned brown at 375 degrees. Cheap dollar tree paper. Just have to watch it.

  2. Anonymous5:43:00 PM

    I love Dollar tree and have that paper in my pantry right now. And have burnt it many of times. LOL!


    1. I knew I would have some issues when it felt so much thinner than the name brand stuff. Still gonna use it, though!


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