Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A LadyLee Christmas 2015: Christmas Gifts

I would be remiss if I didn't post my Christmas gifts!

As always, I don't expect to get anything.  So I was pleasantly surprised to actually get gifts.

I gave cash and gift cards this year. That was all I had the presence of mind to do. I just wanted to get through the holidays, as it is not the best of times for me. This was a surprisingly good year though in that regard, though. And I am happy for that.

So on to my gifts

A Christmas mug from one of the maintenance guys at work:

It is just the right size for coffee or tea. I will be using that at work.

LadyTee gave me some storage containers.
She uses those type for her storage, and I admire them everytime I go into her refrigerator. So she bought me a set.

Serenity23 gave me a Book on Prayer and a journal.
I will be reading that book for the month of January. And I will use that journal as a prayer or gratitude journal. I haven't decided on which yet.

LadyTee gave me a set of sheets. And her mother gave me a selfie stick.

"What's up with this selfie stick, LadyTee?" I asked in a low voice so her mother, who was in another room wouldn't hear me. "I rarely take pictures, let alone selfies."

"I know, girl," she said.

Her daughter showed me how to use it. It was interesting enough.

"Thank you for the selfie stick, Bobbie Jean," I hollered.

"You're welcome,": she yelled back.

LadyTee also gave me a comforter set.
As you can see, Mitch and Sista Callie Jo are very nosy about it. Anything I bring into the house, especially something that big, they must investigate... and conquer it.

Those were great gifts.

I will get great use out of them.

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