Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Monday Morning!

Happy Monday Morning!

No one likes Mondays, so oh well... I am trying to make the best of it.

I was fiddling around with the notion of calling off work today. I need a break. But Memorial day is next Monday, and I have that day off.

So what? Called in anyway. So I am off today. I'm not sick or anything. I have a bunch of errands to run: hit past the eyedoctor, getting prescriptions filled, return library books, and a few other things.

Last week was a productive workweek for me. Management gets in the way of progress, but it's best just to roll with the punches. Ol' Cheap Seats Terry caught me in a low moment over email and talked me down out of the trees with a few kind words. Thanks a lot for that, man... I told him, it is rare to catch me down (better catch it while you can) and he handled it like a pro!

So, this is going to be a good week IN SPITE of management. I have made my mind up about that.

But my workweek will start tomorrow. And that is FINE by me.

My weekend. I was worried about my weekend, not because I didn't have anything to do, but that I had TOO MUCH to do. That bothers me. I allow 2 activities per weekend, and it looked like 4 or 5 were on the table.

I hear my doctor's shrill voice in my ear... "Do NOT overexert yourself, Miss!"

She knows too much running around wipes me out...

Turns out that I messed up the date for one of them, and missed it. I was too tired to do something else, and I skipped that, too...

I hung out with my finance group, the Triple F Possee, early Saturday morning. A bunch of them hadn't been to the Dekalb Farmers market, so we were going to have a look-see, explore and do some grocery shopping.

This is my favorite place to shop for fresh produce and hormone free meat, and I've been going there since I was 21 years old, so I know the place well. My sister Kentucky went, although very reluctantly. She, like myself, hates crowds. This place is the WRONG place to go on a Saturday. Better get there by 9:00 a.m., and get out of there quick because it gets REAL crowded real fast.

But, as CP time would have it, we didn't get started 'til about 9:45 a.m. (I had to keep Kentucky from ditching me, lol). I had a good time, got all my grocery shopping taken care of, and hung out with a group of ladies I really like hanging out with.

Later on Saturday, I had a book club meeting.

My old book club pretty much dissolved over some B.S. (I will talk about it once I get a little more distance from it, in my next quarterly assessment).

Although, I do hear that the old book club is still in effect. It is NOT in my best interest to fool with it. I decided to go check out the revamped one.

We discussed the book The Soloist.

This was a great book. I won't review it here. Take your tail to the movies and see it (something I myself have yet to do!)

I enjoyed the meeting, and enjoyed seeing my friends. I have been a bit scarce from meetings (as was a lot of folks), because I wasn't getting out of the book club what I was getting 4 years ago when I joined. The new revamped one is a lot better than the old one. So I will stick around!

The highlight of my weekend was having a good long refreshing 2 hour conversation with That Original Oldgirl The LBeezy. Girl, I walked away from that phone convo with a plan and some isshas solved. Good to talk to you, and keep your head up, and GO FORWARD.

I didn't go to sleep until 4 a.m. on Saturday night. I can't stand that. Even the cats did there own versions of "Peace out, Lee!" and disappeared on me.

Sunday was quiet. I slept, crocheted, did a ton of chores, and got a little reading done. I hope for this to be a productive writing week for me (something I haven't had all year), so I made plans for that. I thought I had a bridal shower to go to, but it was Saturday night instead of on Sunday like I thought. So that shut down the weekend a bit, and Sunday was a rest day. (Thank goodness for that!)

I started on a new book, one that I've read in the past: Octavia Butler's Parable of the Talents. I think Serenity and I are reading this one together. I got that prissy gal reading a bit of black science fiction! LOL! Let's see if she can get through it!!

But that is it for the Oldgirl... A nice weekend, just like I like it: time with friends mixed with quite a bit of ME time.

And it was low on the turbulence. I've had my share of turbulent years. I cherish my good productive weekends, LadyLee style.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

And guess what?

You can look forward to a post tacked up on the walls of the House of LadyLee every day this week.

*A couple of blog fam members pass out on the hard concrete*

LOL... You will be alright. And I won't even be all longwinded! Imagine that!


Have a good week... on purpose!


  1. I would have called off of work! LOL realx your mind and let your body be free!!

  2. You are exahausting...when did you rest? LOL!

    Love Farmer's Markets...we have several here all over town.

    I didn't love Parable of The Talents as much as Parable of The Sower.

    Happy Monday!

  3. OUCH

    I hit my head when I fell off the bed. :-0

    Looking forward to your posts this week.

  4. It was great talking to you too! Surely, my highlight of the weekend as well.

  5. Anonymous5:05:00 PM

    I love the Farmer's Market. I like to go early too. Got to get a head start.

  6. @I am a chemist... Really though!

    @LoveBABZ!... Farmer's Markets are the BESTEST places in the world. This one is about 20 minutes from me. I wish it was closer!

    I like Parable of the Talents a little better. Because it is so DARK. I don't see you liking dark ish, Babz! It ain't in ya!!

    You. got. jokes.

    I knew you would like that. I even have something coming up especially for YOU. Hmmm.

    @The LBeezy... It was so good to talk to you, Lbeezy!!!

    When I seent your gubment name and number come up on my cell phone screen, I hollered "I know there is a GOD!!"

    *LadyLee rocking and crying like Miss Sophia at the table at Easter Dinner*Sorry to talk your ear off. I was just happy to talk to ya:)

    @That Southern Black Gal... Ain't the Farmer's Market nice when you can take your time and just mosey around and do your shopping?

    I think we did good. We got there early enough. If we would've gone later, the girls would've been fighting with folks... Couldn't have that!

    This one here is pretty popular. It was talked about in one of the City Confidentials about Atlanta. So you know everybody and their mama be up in there... UGH!

  7. WTF? I'm late...I met you in the book club...What freakin' new club...give me the facts...I'm emailing you privately..


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