Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T-shirt Tales


I got a chance to see some of my uh, more interesting book club sistas on Saturday.

Some of them like fancy t-shirts.

I myself like a plain t-shirt. I don't like people looking at me and reading what's on my shirt. I am VERY much into not drawing attention to myself...

But, I am a rare persona in that aspect. Not my book club sisters.

Here's Judy with a signature shirt.

Interesting take on the old adage "Sh** Happens".

I suppose I can wear that particular shirt. Get a good laugh out of it and all.

But my girl STAR likes to shock folk.

She arrived at the book club meeting a few minutes late, and headed straight for the vacant chair next to me.

Why did she do that?

*Ladylee cheesing real hard*

"Wassup Dr. Ladylee," she said. "Been awhile since I've seen you."

"What's up, Book Slut?!!!!" I replied.

Poor chick. She know not to sit next to me with a shirt like that on. I picked on her the whole time.

I don't ever recall anyone a slut out of pure joy and humor, lol...

Several of us went out to dinner at Copeland's after the book club meeting.

(I was drawn there by my finance group leader GreenEyed Bandit and her wailings about having the phat "buy one get one free" dinner coupons).

I kept calling Star a slut... the whole time.

The girl seems to like that.

She worries me.

I wonder how folks react to her in public... especially since she owns the t-shirt company that produces these shirts. She was proud to say she wore them often, and had many of them in different colors.

Let's just say, she went to a Jodi Picoult booksigning... and Jodi got up from the table and ran over to her and said "Now this is my type of shirt!"

LOL. I am sure she gets some other interesting comments... and good sales. She is a walking advertisement, she is.

I ain't mad at you, Star... with your ol' fancy t-shirt.

We suggested that she put the letter "a" between "book" and "slut".

Now THAT would be a conversation piece indeed... wouldn't it?



  1. Still mad, but I think that I want the Lit Happens shirt now.

  2. Anonymous9:58:00 AM

    I love the "Book Slut" shirt. Does she have a website?

  3. @LBeezy... You were stunned, almost speechless when I told you about that shirt. LOL!!

    "Lit Happens" is still too much for me. But I bet it would be easier to explain to J, lol!

    @That Southern Black Gal... Figures that you would like that one, lol. I think she has a site. I'll look into that for you.

    Okay, looked it up, and here it is:


  4. I aint mad at her either-lolololol.

    The T-Shirt was nice too! :)

  5. Yeah ... um ... Imma have to keep my opinions to myself...

  6. @Keith...

    You's a FOOL!

    You such a MAN!!!


    LOL@ YOU!!

    We are VERY accustomed to Star's attention grabbing t-shirts. I posted a much worse one a couple of years ago... I was going to repost it, but didn't want to upset LBeezy too much. LOL!!!

  7. The Green Eyed Bandit12:42:00 PM

    They are adding new T-shirts soon...I believe this week.

  8. I love the Lit Happens, and the book slut is kinda hot too. If she wears that to an omar tyree signing he may think she's a groupie, lol.

  9. LOL. Those shirts are HOT! I'm going to check the website now. I'm looking for a specific shirt these days. I wonder if they do custom orders.

  10. @Green Eyed Bandit... Oh goodness. No telling what they are adding. Oh my!

    @Aretha and Serenity...

    You younguns...

    Me and Chele are rolling our eyes at you right about now.

    I don't know... Takes a bold chick to wear the Slut t-shirt. That is a conversation piece indeed!

  11. I like the book slut shirt..me want one.

  12. For real, the serious eye roll ...

  13. @Chele...LOL!! I might have to get one of those shirts just for YOU, girl!


  14. Anonymous10:27:00 PM

    Funny! I'm thinking the "slut" t-shirt might be a great gift for a friend. Send me a link. Please!


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